Easy As Pie Not!!!

Milestone Update:

I have started going threw my footage and piecing together my story and like Mike (so cliché’) said I am seeing that there are other angles that I can present a particular scene. I have decided to start off with a flashback narration to the beginning segment of my piece. In changing  to this I realize that I may need a little more footage in this new approach so I  am in the process of collecting some flashback footage of my self and my subject as well as trying to capture our natural relationship on film. I realized that things don’t always go according to plan, and I have hit a technical difficulty that I am kind of stuck on : one I lost/misplaced one of my sd cards  and second the audio from one of the sessions is a little scratchy and has a lot of static I am open to suggestions as in how to remove it I have tried audacity and I am not a fan of how it came out so if anyone has any suggestions please share.

I must say that through all these hardships I am learning a lot about myself and my taste as well. I am still drawing little things from my original inspirations and so far I like the way things are beginning to piece together.