I made an animation called THE TIGER’S tale, (part 2 The Family). For this animation I am responsible for everything except the sound production. A list of all the things that I did are.

  • Concept
  • Story line
  • Drawing
  • Animation
  • Writer
  • Direct the (sound engineer)

The animation is 3 minutes and 2 seconds long. The characters include—>        Forester (part tiger / part boy), male tiger (father), female tiger (mother) young tiger (baby).



THE TIGER’S tale, (part 2 The Family) Only:


In addition to that, I created a promotional poster that indicates that (THE TIGER’S tale, part 2 The family) was coming soon.


The first thing that I did to make this animation possible was to be creative. This involves me thinking about the concept and tried not to mimic an existing idea (at least not to mimic too much) were the viewers can’t differentiate it from an existing work.

Tools Used:

Adobe Illustrator (For Drawing)

Adobe After Effect (For Animation)

Adobe Photoshop (Crop, Format to PNG, Resize – Poster)


The process of creating this animation involves:

A lot of messing ups and redoing the things that I finished, because of changing the name of a file and also making mistake like forgetting to save a file at times when i should have. lost a background on 05/21/14, because I made changes that replaced the content I wanted to keep and I had to draw it again.


Something that I have learnt which is very beneficial after I did Part 2 and is used in Part 3 is, knowing when to use a composition instead of a folder from an illustrator file because my work space will be a lot less crowded if I implement this technique.

My work space for THE TIGER’S tale, part 2 The Family consisted of almost 400 files ( very hard to manage) even scrolling back and forth, top to bottom was a hassle.

Additionally using quick time files, (for finish animations that I previewed so that I can see the results in real time) is great, because those files have been compress and will make rendering of addition work done much faster.

_ _ _ ____________________ _ ____________________ _ _ _

THE TIGER’S tale, (part 3 Meets The Ocean)

                            — Work Is Still In Progress —

  • Some drawings are done (Characters and Environments)
  • Some animations are done (Beginning)
  • Temporary music was selected

_ _ _ ____________________ _ ____________________ _ _ _

THE TIGER’S tale, (part 3 Meets The Ocean)


My Art Through Eight Limbs Proposal

Project Proposal

Title: My art through eight limbs

Director: Khalid Collins

Editor: Khalid Collins

Camera person: Khalid Collins

In life I believe that everyone seeks out a way to genuinely express themselves through some medium. Some means in which they came see what others not like them cannot. Even in the face of adversity and misfortune they find the inspiration to continue pursuing that treasure they have found for themselves. Very often an area on interest may be mistaken for this, but it is the lucky ones that find a passion.  My film will show this in action by exploring the life of Muay Thai fighter and trainer Justin Troy, whom studied politics but realized that participating in the martial arts was his passion. His journey includes defeat, redemption and triumph as well as inner turmoil, but he continues on.  Ultimately I want the audience to feel a sense of motivation to find what they a passionate about or new vigor to continue that passion and understand that it’s not always an easy road but it doesn’t matter when you love it.

The intended audience for My Art Through Eight Limbs will be the general public, those involved in the martial arts, Muay Thai in particular, and even children 8 and up. There is a preconception out in the world that fighters are intimidating people and in the combat world women seem to be taken less seriously. What is shown in this documentary is the complete opposite as Justin is an unassuming individual and the head trainer at his gym is a woman, Natalie Fuz. In my experience, as a kid growing up it was almost expected as male that you look up to the tough guy, the strong guy i.e. comic characters superman or wolverine. It was frowned up for females to display these types of characteristics. Being the subject of the film Justin displays the opposite of the tough guy trait, being mild mannered viewing his fighting as art. His head trainer, Natalie visually demonstrates the shift that has taken place with the acceptance of physical women. There are many female fighters out there being trained by men, but the growth in respect is shown through Natalie training male fighters.

I currently have all resources I need in order to complete the project. I will be using a t3i, two 32gb memory cards, tripod, shoulder rig, slider, tascam DR-60D, Audio Technica stereo mic and access to the subject. I have already been gathering content.

I will display the project online using YouTube, Vimeo, my portfolio as well as a showing at Chok Sabai gym.

Dates Milestones/ Deliverables
9/2 Have all footage gathered and logged
9/9 Get any reshooting done if necessary
9/16 Transcribe necessary audio
9/23 Begin editing
10/21 Have something rough done
11/11 Review and make alterations if need be
11/18 Do it better
11/25 Finalize and get feedback
12/2 Present to subjects, upload
12/9 Present in class

the link above is my digital presence. It was suppose to be, but there is a issue with that link that I will be figuring out. I’m using bluehost as i heard they were pretty flexible . I didn’t build up the actual site yet because all the themes apparently cost money on top of signing up with bluehost. I have work that I can put and things I’m working on now that i will be putting on the site.

Ok i lied, after an hour and a half of doing who knows what i got the domain name to work and will be uploading the projects I’m working on when completed.

THE TIGER’S tale (part 3, Meets the Ocean)

                          THE TIGER’S tale (part 3, Meets the Ocean)

Part 3 Will Not Be Finish Before Friday 05/23/14, because there is not enough time. The main reason why I came to this conclusion is because my sound engineer who is responsible for the sound production for Part 1 and Part 2 will not be able to finish it in the very short time frame that would be given if I was able to (finish all the animation before Friday). However Temporary Music is already chosen ONLY for presentation purposes which will be removed eventually.

Additionally, I am also behind with the animation and I feel that it is a great challenge and maybe impossible for me to finish before Friday. However my aim is to get the animation done by Friday or get as close as possible.

I did try to do some of the things that were said during the last critique.

Thank You.


Kevin Singh
Final Project Proposal

I am doing a music video for my final project. Me and a couple of my friends are going to produce a 6 minute long edm mix and I will be filming throughout the summer. I will be using final cut pro for editing the video and using combination of protools and logic to produce the audio. I have been watching many music videos like, Major Lazer- Sound Bang, Calvin Harris –Summer. Flipo- Doh Tell me Dat for inspiration as well as ideas. I also have audio packs of certain songs so I can use pieces that I like, for example I will be using some of the guitar cords in Calvin Harris’s Summer to open up my piece. The first 2 minutes will start very slow so I can use a lot of establishing shots. The rest of the mix will be mixed from slow paced to fast paced throughout so I can really play with the visuals. I already got permission for many people to film (club promoters, club owners, dj’s)

Establishing shots 
LS- beach rising sun/setting sun
LS- nightclub shots
POV- club shots
Beach shots- ppl drinking, hanging out, laughing, playing, swimming, walking on board walk
Still shots of NYC
POV- walking in the city, walking in a crowd
Jones Beach
Jones Beach Tunnel shot
MS of dj’s mixing, editing, producing (Club & Home)

Fast paced shots (when beat drops)
Club crowd shots
DJ playing at the club
MS/MCU of people dancing,walking, talking etc
A lot of establishing shots will be used too but I will speed it up if necessary to correlate to the audio.

A Nightmare on GIF Street

For me and my partner, Jordan Thomas, final project, we are going to be a our own website about horror film tropes. The website is going to be a Tumblr account made into our own domain. The name of our domain is going to be called “A Nightmare on GIF Street“. The website is going feature GIFs showing a connection between every horror scene that will be in the same post. The inspiration for our project came from Michael Smith’s website “Mother Oh God Mother” where he posts 54 GIFS of 54 shots from the shower scene shown in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. The other inspiration for our website, we were looking at these websites called “Guidebook to Surviving A Horror Movie” and “Rules for Surviving a Horror Movie” to look for certain horror tropes to list down on the Tumblr account. There were a few connections we saw in that list of rules that can be seen in many horror films. The website will feature 20 to 25 posts of GIFs. The way that the posts will be made on the Tumblr account will be set as a row of 2-3 sets of 3-4 GIFs in a row showing the exact same trope. Each GIF is going to be 5-10 seconds. The specific audience we will be aiming for with our project are going to be horror film lovers who pay so much attention to detail that they didn’t think others noticed. example of this post can be seen on the Tumblr blog called “9 Film Frames“.

Digital Presence – Portfolio Link

I’m not a very social person, when it comes to my everyday life. Although, I believe having a strong digital presence, in today’s society, is a must, if you wish to succeed or get noticed in a professional market. Currently, my digital presence is not as strong as it should be. Some social sites I use include Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The problem is, I am not using these as much as I should be, which is something I’m gonna have to start doing, the closer I get to pursuing a career.

Like I said earlier, I do believe having a strong digital presence is key, in today’s society, for getting a job and quickly. Many employers are expecting you to have your own personal website, where your work can be viewed. Luckily, I do have my own personal website. The most important part, for that website, of course, is the portfolio because it displays just how talented you are as and individual.

The Break(out) is Upon Us


For students completing the Portfolio Class: You will need to have the following completed by May 16th at 10AM. If you do not have the following completed by this date, you cannot receive a passing grade in the course.

1. Resume and Cover Letter approved by Daniel Phelps.

2. Final Project Proposal approved by Michael Smith.

3. A final blog post which includes a URL pointing to your portfolio due on May 23rd at 10AM. You will be required to briefly present your portfolio on May 23rd 10AM.

For students completing their Final Project: You will need to present your project on May 23rd at 10AM. Prepare to talk about the the work completed during the semester as well as reflecting on your original intentions and process you went through. You will be afforded 10-15 minutes for your presentation.

As well you are required to have a final post in this blog due before your presentation on May 23rd at 10AM, without which you cannot receive a grade. The post must include the following:

1. Work Completed – You must give a detailed description of what you made as well as hyperlinks and embeds of the work. The description should include details about quantities, length, characters, content, locations, etc…

2. Process – What tools did you use and why? How did things work the way you wanted or not? If you were part of a group project, you must specify your particular contributions. You should be respectful of the group process, but try as to single out your individuality and how your contributions affected the direction of the project.

3. Reflection – What was the plan and what actually happened? What did you learn from the project you did not expect? What might you do differently from the beginning knowing what you discovered in making what you made?

Stuck But… Anxiously Waiting

I haven’t been posting like i should but i have learned a ot about myself from this project. Right now have my whole project mapped out but i am still having problems with the conversions. I downloaded the codec for mts and it plays but only the first 30 seconds after that it times out and i do not want to put everything together and no be able to hear it. That is the problem that i am having right now. I have tried several different converters but to no avail non of them have helped in the situation. So currently I am stuck. I have searched the internet and forums for answers to my problem  but non of them have seemed to work. Please Help….

The Tiger’s tale, part 2 The Family ( NOW AVAILABLE )

( PART 1 ) 

The Tiger’s tale, Beginning

( PART 2 )

The Tiger’s tale, The Family

( The Tiger’s tale, part 2 The Family ) is a continuation of ( The Tiger’s tale, Beginning ). It is recommended that watching, The Tiger’s tale, Beginning first will help you to get a better understanding of the events that took place before, that led to this point.

( Thanks to everyone who critiqued —> The Tiger’s tale, part 2 The Family <— some of your advice will be used in, The Tiger’s tale, part 3. )

I am NOT a Rat!

Rev. Al Sharpton used to be an informant in the early 1990’s, setting up mobsters and leaking information for the FBI. The newspaper tabloids say Reverend Rat, as he informs us, he is not a rat, he is a cat, that’s there to catch all the rats. Well Mr. Sharpton, welcome to the Cat life!

I am the CAT

I am the CAT