Digital Life

For my portfolio, I have a website to showcase my resume and my work. Currently my website ( is passable to show an employer but it is not to the standard I would like it to be. I am considering purchasing a web template for my site that looks more professional and creative than the one I have now. My digital identity, I am working on building my presence in showcasing both my video skills and singing skills. I plan on creating a subsite that would be a blog that would be more interactive in the sense of me keeping it updated in the projects I am working on. I recently finished a portrait documentary on a young woman (my sister). I plan on creating more motion graphic projects and showcasing it on a site like behance and vimeo to receive feedback. On my musical skills I plan on recording and editing different covers of songs and showcasing it on youtube and soundcloud.


Final Project/ Final Post


This semester has been very busy. I decided to do a fiction film called Forensic Connection for my final project. At first I imagined myself attempting to create a short film. However, my mind tends to go above and beyond at times. I was not only able to complete the short film, but I was able to develop a small production company with 2 of my close friends called Clearbox Pictures. This is my first feature/short film I have ever worked on and completed. It was a long process, but at the end of the day I’m very satisfied with the results. I was able to develop a website, create unique content for the film such as a movie poster, character photos etc, which can be seen on The film is about an hour long 58mins to be exact. There are 4 main characters in this film and in total the cast consisted of 9 talented individuals. The film has several sets which we were lucky to find without any costs.

The tools that I used in order to complete this project were 2 cameras, a Canon T3i and a Canon Vixia h2. I used my own shotgun mic and was able to borrow one of the shotgun mics from the school as well as several lenses. The filming process began in the summer back in August. There were 16 scenes written, and we were able to film just about every Sunday. We were able to finish the film in time and be able to reshoot scenes if necessary. My contributions to the film were, acting, writing, directing and filming. It seems like a lot to deal with, but this is a passion of mine, so it never felt stressful to manage these tasks.

Overall, what I learned from this project is I had no idea that I would be capable of writing, directing, and acting all at the same time. It wasn’t easy, but this experience has opened my eyes and showed me that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. I also have to give many thanks to my team. They put in a lot of effort and time into this project which, made things much easier. I also had the privilege to work with a fantastic cast of actors, true professionals at heart. Like I mentioned above, this is truly a passion of mine that I am turning into a career. So this may be my first film, but it definitely won’t be my last, and just like wine, I’ll only get better as time progresses.




My online portfolio displays the websites that I have created during my web classes. I have created two websites and uploaded them online on my site for potential employers to view.

The first website that I created was an artist demo website about Claude Monet. I used dreamweaver to create the website. It includes a homepage, about and gallery. There are still some minor changes that need to be done to this website. The URL for the site is www.gurpreetkaursaini/monet.

The more recent website that I created a couple of weeks ago was a demo website about domestic violence against women. I also used dreamweaver to create this site. It includes a homepage, about, getting help and helping a friend. I uploaded the site through the program fetch. This website is more complex than the first one that I created because I correctly used the 12×12 grid correctly. The URL for this site is

Finally, I see the light

After days of burying my head in the sand, I am now able to say that I see the light. This journey has not been remotely close to easy. I am so happy that I was able to survive and even more importantly happy about the experience I have had. I entered this major not knowing a single thing about production and now I can say that I know enough to say that I probably know 70 % of what production entails. The point I am making is that it is all a learning process and two years of doing these courses is not enough to make you a pro, but I’m working on it and I am definitely going to stick with it.

That being said, my final project was an abstract narrative animated short film. When I say short, I mean really short. Despite the length, I was still able to tell a story. I really appreciate the feedback that I received from my peers and classmates. The added outlook really helped me through the process. My piece was really important to me because it came from a place of feminine empowerment. Throughout the years I have watched many females allow their power to be taken away and even more importantly, they failed to reclaim it because of the shame they suffer in the process. I really hope this piece speaks to someone out there that feel that they might be going through something that no one understands. I got the inspiration to do this from the movie For Colored Girls (everywhere that have considered suicide when the rainbow is enough). Initially I thought that the entire piece would be 4 minutes long, however I soon realized that not only was it impossible to do a 4 minute long animation by myself in a short period of time, but I also realized that for this piece, 4 minutes would have been too long and possibly redundant.

The poem was an adaptation from Sonia Sanchez’s Poem for Women, however the narrative was written by your’s truly. It really felt good to bring something from an idea to actuality. The most important thing that I hope to gain from showing this piece is it’s ability to speak to people, especially females.

The piece will be displayed on my website,

Free At Last

The final project journey has been an interesting one. Before the semester started Keya and I decided to collaborate to execute a final project. We originally decided to build a website that would show case various projects from aspiring artists with the hope of building an online community. It was difficult to get into the class because the proposal we presented didn’t meet the necessary standards in order to get cleared for the class.

Squarespace was the hosting website that was first chosen because it was easy for me to maintain. There was a lot of miscommunication in the beginning of the semester between my partner and I. There was one main concept but two different visions and different levels of understanding.
Spark A Revolution (which was the name of the squarespace site) was featuring not only projects of other artists but hosting a web series as well called I Don’t Matter.
Due the conflicts that we had, we decided to revamp the whole entire project and establishing specific roles for the project. Before we splitting the responsibilities of generating content, etc and it just wasn’t working out.
For the squarespace account statics showed that majority of audience navigated to the I Don’t Matter page and the blog page. Since IDM was the most popular content we decided to build a website around the IDM theme. My responsibility was shoot and edit the series while Keya’s responsibility was to build a web site from scratch.
IDM series was inspired by three things
-The quote “It’s not about you it’s about the One who chosen you”
-An art piece which the author remains anonymous. It was posted on Tumblr
-I Am Second online series.
The objective of I Don’t Matter was to have several artistic artist tell their stories on what inspired to become a creative artist and why is it more important that their art has impact on their community versus themselves. The set up for the interviews was pretty simple.
-3 DSLR’s (occasionally the HMC 150)
     -Two were stationary and one was floating
-Location and lighting
All the videos were shot in the TV studio. The lighting wasn’t necessarily hard to figure out. Lights 4,26 and 23 were mainly used and we used the Key floor light so the talents wouldn’t blend in with the background.
We really didn’t think the web series would have a huge turn out (almost 2000 views). Majority of the talents that appeared on the show requested to be apart. The request were a little overwhelming and I had to turn people down because I just didn’t have the time to do it especially with work it was difficult to have a video up every week but we managed to shoot and edit for 13 weeks straight.
The milestones that were set for the amount of videos was met which I’m proud about.
Keya reconstructed the website using Adobe muse. The site is way better than the square space version. The decision to use Muse and how it works is all laid out in her post.
Recap of all episodes

OddJordan- Fake it till you make it

Hello all, this site here is my temporary digital presence. It will not be something I show professionally to people I would want to work with in the future. will be the official name of my website. Here I will post all assignments I have ever done. During the summer, I’m going to open up a website with and transfer everything through there. It is a bit pricey, but I like their layouts and how simple everything is to put together.

Art. TV. Film. The works!

The link above will direct you to my digital presence. The website above is an sort of an excerpt of what I want my portfolio website to look like. The website is only temporary until I buy my own domain. The website above is the not the actual website that I will be presenting to my future interviews or graduate schools. The website is not ready to be sent to prospective employers and graduate schools because I am not fully done with what I want to put in addition to my work that I’ve done so far. I also want to add more information about myself and also more of past work. For example, I would like to add some of my art work that I have done in the past as well and also past college work that I’ve done before this semester.

Let Me Out! I Wanna Be Free!| A Final Post

Work Completed

For my final project as a Communications Technology major, I created a kinetic type project of my favorite speech from Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator. I completed this project solely using HTML and CSS for the kinetic type part. To get the music, I chose a creative commons song, ripped Chaplin’s speech from YouTube and edited both in Adobe Audition to be two minutes and fifty-eight seconds in length. I used two fonts from Google fonts called Oswald and Monserrat. I also stuck with a black and white color scheme because visually, there is a lot going on in the looping video in the background. In addition to Chaplin reciting the speech, I decided to also add the music in the background to evoke emotion. I felt it would give the project a serious but longing tone. A longing for peace, the ultimate reason for the speech in the first place in my opinion.

Check out Charlie Chaplin’s speech


The Original Plan:

Before I signed up for final project, I was certain that the project I had in mind would come to pass. My original idea was to create an interactive web site that visually represented Charlie Chaplin’s famous speech in The Great Dictator, using HTML, CSS, and some jQuery. This is by far my favorite speech and I had never seen it depicted in such a way before. I quickly learned that there was simply not enough time to create this idea by May 23rd. This idea had too much depth and it would take probably months of research, trial and error, and testing. These tasks would take longer than one semester to complete. I most definitely was too overly ambitious to the point where I had to water down my original plan.

Example of original goal

The New & Final Approach:

The general concept is still apparent in my project, however, the pictures and the parallax effect I had originally planned to use are missing. I decided to add a creative commons video of stars and stick with a simple black and white color palette, with some splashes of gold here and there. As stated earlier, the only tools I used was HTML, CSS, and a hosted sub domain. For the most part, things worked accordingly. There were many times of frustration on getting the timing right, however. This project may look simple but it is definitely not. Tinkering with the code to get it to look and animate the way one wants is pretty tricky. In the end though, it worked out with tons of trial and error.


In all, the original plan had changed a bit but I am still confident the project was a success. I had never done anything like this before. As a result of that, I learned a lot along the way. Specifically, using @keyframes in CSS3. Most would say, it would have been easier to do this project in After Effects but I have a fascination with animating using CSS3 and I feel like this project has brought about a greater understanding of it as a whole. No, I probably would never do a kinetic typography project using CSS3 again because it is extremely tedious but I can in the future maybe animate a simple drawing, small quote, or something of that nature that won’t take a lot of time to complete because I did this project. From this project I learned it is important to know more than 90% of what you are trying to do. It is always great to learn as you do it, but remember time is of the essence and it will run out on you quickly.
So, with that being said, I am excited to take what I learned from this and what I learned as a CT major as a whole and apply it to my life as an adult in the real world.

NOTE: This project is best viewed in Google Chrome.

My Final Project

Im free!! I Dont Matter Website

I don’t Matter Website

 Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 11.28.08 AM

This project originally started out as a duo project with Larissa and I. Originally it was suppose to be a platform for creative and inspirational people, who can influence and inspire others to be different and create. Our project was called “Spark a Revolution”, then it change to “ I Don’t Matter” which was based off a web series for the project Spark a revolution. Spark a revolution ( which is now larissa portfolio) started as the main focus of our project, there was suppose to be a variety of things such as different types of videos. We started out using social media, which is still one of our sources, but we used it as our beginning platform to get the word out about Spark a Revolution.


Some of the videos were to consist of spiritual inspiration, music videos, displaying other creative people work and blogs. However, the out come was not that great because of mix communication and agreements between Larissa and I.


The conflict of agreement and arrangement came in during the middle of building this project. So we decided to switch up things a bit. Larissa and I decided to clarify our new roles and responsibilities as a team and switch up things. She renamed the project I don’t matter, the project became a web series of  “ I don’t matter” I became the web developer. This way we work together but not together.


So, Larissa series I don’t matter begin to launch as well as her blogs are featured on the website. Our content was based of off blogs and videos that’s what made up the whole website. We added an about us page, blog page and contact us page.


The process of this at first I must admit was crazy, after a little mixed communication of our roles in the beginning. I wanted to quit. However, I know my future was riding on this and Larissa.

Recreate process


Step 1: When we first started we were using square space, which is now Larissa Personal portfolio site. After much research compare and contrast of hosting site. We decide that Square Space will not work. Due to the fact that u have no real access to the back end, and if the choose today or tomorrow to stop there hosting, we would pretty much me screwed.  Another reason you cannot transfer your domain name to another hosting, nor can you switch your web hosting. Although it was easier for Larissa to maintain for the future, it was not the right choice.


Step 2:  As a web developer I did research on what would be the best for Larissa to maintain her site. I came across Adobe muse, which is similar to Square Space. I have the capabilities of Larissa for ease edits and building, however, I have full control of the back end and choice of my hosting. I don’t have to worry about loosing my website. This software is life changing for me and help me to create a creative, clean sleek website.


Adobe muse is a creative designer platform easy to us (with the knowledge of designing) to create. With the software there are endless capabilities to design and create. It’s a decoded site no coding, yes no coding unless you absolutely want to you have a choice. Adobe muse does have the capability where you can change the site to HTML etc. just to give a description


Here are the steps how Larissa can update her website


Step 1: I create a user name and password for Larissa such as (square space) this is to allow her access to log into the dashboard.

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 10.37.05 AM


Step 2: She can then click on the editable things she would like to change such as pictures, text and add videos

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 10.37.19 AM

Step 3: then she can publish her site

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 10.37.33 AM 

This is easer for her and even easier for me. So, I know she can maintain and update her site on her own in 123.



Final step: concluding the site and giving Larissa the logo in information to allow her to make the nessacary changes as needed.



As fore stated when we first started it was a duo project, however, it switched drastically. Larissa basically became my client at the end. I didn’t expect that I thought we were building a project together; we had different visions of what we wanted once we started working together. It enlighten me that group project are great but you must know how to communicate, and as a group I don’t think the communication and understand was there.


In the beginning process we were on one accord, but things begin to deviate slowly. But we got it together and came into an agreement and it worked out for the best at the end. Larissa launches a new web series that build a community and a lot of inspiration for many individuals. It’s gained a lot of recognition and impacted many. Thousands of views might I ad. On my end I create the website, basically transferring the information from the other site square space to Adobe muse.


Knowing what I know now, I would of solely just made the website. However, it taught me a lesson in reference to the importance of communication is key and is extremely important. The failure to understand your partner can destroy a relationship instantly. However, Larissa and I came to an awesome agreement. I got a chance to do what I love and do best.