Finally, I see the light

After days of burying my head in the sand, I am now able to say that I see the light. This journey has not been remotely close to easy. I am so happy that I was able to survive and even more importantly happy about the experience I have had. I entered this major not knowing a single thing about production and now I can say that I know enough to say that I probably know 70 % of what production entails. The point I am making is that it is all a learning process and two years of doing these courses is not enough to make you a pro, but I’m working on it and I am definitely going to stick with it.

That being said, my final project was an abstract narrative animated short film. When I say short, I mean really short. Despite the length, I was still able to tell a story. I really appreciate the feedback that I received from my peers and classmates. The added outlook really helped me through the process. My piece was really important to me because it came from a place of feminine empowerment. Throughout the years I have watched many females allow their power to be taken away and even more importantly, they failed to reclaim it because of the shame they suffer in the process. I really hope this piece speaks to someone out there that feel that they might be going through something that no one understands. I got the inspiration to do this from the movie For Colored Girls (everywhere that have considered suicide when the rainbow is enough). Initially I thought that the entire piece would be 4 minutes long, however I soon realized that not only was it impossible to do a 4 minute long animation by myself in a short period of time, but I also realized that for this piece, 4 minutes would have been too long and possibly redundant.

The poem was an adaptation from Sonia Sanchez’s Poem for Women, however the narrative was written by your’s truly. It really felt good to bring something from an idea to actuality. The most important thing that I hope to gain from showing this piece is it’s ability to speak to people, especially females.

The piece will be displayed on my website,

Free At Last

The final project journey has been an interesting one. Before the semester started Keya and I decided to collaborate to execute a final project. We originally decided to build a website that would show case various projects from aspiring artists with the hope of building an online community. It was difficult to get into the class because the proposal we presented didn’t meet the necessary standards in order to get cleared for the class.

Squarespace was the hosting website that was first chosen because it was easy for me to maintain. There was a lot of miscommunication in the beginning of the semester between my partner and I. There was one main concept but two different visions and different levels of understanding.
Spark A Revolution (which was the name of the squarespace site) was featuring not only projects of other artists but hosting a web series as well called I Don’t Matter.
Due the conflicts that we had, we decided to revamp the whole entire project and establishing specific roles for the project. Before we splitting the responsibilities of generating content, etc and it just wasn’t working out.
For the squarespace account statics showed that majority of audience navigated to the I Don’t Matter page and the blog page. Since IDM was the most popular content we decided to build a website around the IDM theme. My responsibility was shoot and edit the series while Keya’s responsibility was to build a web site from scratch.
IDM series was inspired by three things
-The quote “It’s not about you it’s about the One who chosen you”
-An art piece which the author remains anonymous. It was posted on Tumblr
-I Am Second online series.
The objective of I Don’t Matter was to have several artistic artist tell their stories on what inspired to become a creative artist and why is it more important that their art has impact on their community versus themselves. The set up for the interviews was pretty simple.
-3 DSLR’s (occasionally the HMC 150)
     -Two were stationary and one was floating
-Location and lighting
All the videos were shot in the TV studio. The lighting wasn’t necessarily hard to figure out. Lights 4,26 and 23 were mainly used and we used the Key floor light so the talents wouldn’t blend in with the background.
We really didn’t think the web series would have a huge turn out (almost 2000 views). Majority of the talents that appeared on the show requested to be apart. The request were a little overwhelming and I had to turn people down because I just didn’t have the time to do it especially with work it was difficult to have a video up every week but we managed to shoot and edit for 13 weeks straight.
The milestones that were set for the amount of videos was met which I’m proud about.
Keya reconstructed the website using Adobe muse. The site is way better than the square space version. The decision to use Muse and how it works is all laid out in her post.
Recap of all episodes

OddJordan- Fake it till you make it

Hello all, this site here is my temporary digital presence. It will not be something I show professionally to people I would want to work with in the future. will be the official name of my website. Here I will post all assignments I have ever done. During the summer, I’m going to open up a website with and transfer everything through there. It is a bit pricey, but I like their layouts and how simple everything is to put together.

Art. TV. Film. The works!

The link above will direct you to my digital presence. The website above is an sort of an excerpt of what I want my portfolio website to look like. The website is only temporary until I buy my own domain. The website above is the not the actual website that I will be presenting to my future interviews or graduate schools. The website is not ready to be sent to prospective employers and graduate schools because I am not fully done with what I want to put in addition to my work that I’ve done so far. I also want to add more information about myself and also more of past work. For example, I would like to add some of my art work that I have done in the past as well and also past college work that I’ve done before this semester.

My Art Through Eight Limbs Proposal

Project Proposal

Title: My art through eight limbs

Director: Khalid Collins

Editor: Khalid Collins

Camera person: Khalid Collins

In life I believe that everyone seeks out a way to genuinely express themselves through some medium. Some means in which they came see what others not like them cannot. Even in the face of adversity and misfortune they find the inspiration to continue pursuing that treasure they have found for themselves. Very often an area on interest may be mistaken for this, but it is the lucky ones that find a passion.  My film will show this in action by exploring the life of Muay Thai fighter and trainer Justin Troy, whom studied politics but realized that participating in the martial arts was his passion. His journey includes defeat, redemption and triumph as well as inner turmoil, but he continues on.  Ultimately I want the audience to feel a sense of motivation to find what they a passionate about or new vigor to continue that passion and understand that it’s not always an easy road but it doesn’t matter when you love it.

The intended audience for My Art Through Eight Limbs will be the general public, those involved in the martial arts, Muay Thai in particular, and even children 8 and up. There is a preconception out in the world that fighters are intimidating people and in the combat world women seem to be taken less seriously. What is shown in this documentary is the complete opposite as Justin is an unassuming individual and the head trainer at his gym is a woman, Natalie Fuz. In my experience, as a kid growing up it was almost expected as male that you look up to the tough guy, the strong guy i.e. comic characters superman or wolverine. It was frowned up for females to display these types of characteristics. Being the subject of the film Justin displays the opposite of the tough guy trait, being mild mannered viewing his fighting as art. His head trainer, Natalie visually demonstrates the shift that has taken place with the acceptance of physical women. There are many female fighters out there being trained by men, but the growth in respect is shown through Natalie training male fighters.

I currently have all resources I need in order to complete the project. I will be using a t3i, two 32gb memory cards, tripod, shoulder rig, slider, tascam DR-60D, Audio Technica stereo mic and access to the subject. I have already been gathering content.

I will display the project online using YouTube, Vimeo, my portfolio as well as a showing at Chok Sabai gym.

Dates Milestones/ Deliverables
9/2 Have all footage gathered and logged
9/9 Get any reshooting done if necessary
9/16 Transcribe necessary audio
9/23 Begin editing
10/21 Have something rough done
11/11 Review and make alterations if need be
11/18 Do it better
11/25 Finalize and get feedback
12/2 Present to subjects, upload
12/9 Present in class

the link above is my digital presence. It was suppose to be, but there is a issue with that link that I will be figuring out. I’m using bluehost as i heard they were pretty flexible . I didn’t build up the actual site yet because all the themes apparently cost money on top of signing up with bluehost. I have work that I can put and things I’m working on now that i will be putting on the site.

Ok i lied, after an hour and a half of doing who knows what i got the domain name to work and will be uploading the projects I’m working on when completed.

THE TIGER’S tale (part 3, Meets the Ocean)

                          THE TIGER’S tale (part 3, Meets the Ocean)

Part 3 Will Not Be Finish Before Friday 05/23/14, because there is not enough time. The main reason why I came to this conclusion is because my sound engineer who is responsible for the sound production for Part 1 and Part 2 will not be able to finish it in the very short time frame that would be given if I was able to (finish all the animation before Friday). However Temporary Music is already chosen ONLY for presentation purposes which will be removed eventually.

Additionally, I am also behind with the animation and I feel that it is a great challenge and maybe impossible for me to finish before Friday. However my aim is to get the animation done by Friday or get as close as possible.

I did try to do some of the things that were said during the last critique.

Thank You.

A Nightmare on GIF Street

For me and my partner, Jordan Thomas, final project, we are going to be a our own website about horror film tropes. The website is going to be a Tumblr account made into our own domain. The name of our domain is going to be called “A Nightmare on GIF Street“. The website is going feature GIFs showing a connection between every horror scene that will be in the same post. The inspiration for our project came from Michael Smith’s website “Mother Oh God Mother” where he posts 54 GIFS of 54 shots from the shower scene shown in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. The other inspiration for our website, we were looking at these websites called “Guidebook to Surviving A Horror Movie” and “Rules for Surviving a Horror Movie” to look for certain horror tropes to list down on the Tumblr account. There were a few connections we saw in that list of rules that can be seen in many horror films. The website will feature 20 to 25 posts of GIFs. The way that the posts will be made on the Tumblr account will be set as a row of 2-3 sets of 3-4 GIFs in a row showing the exact same trope. Each GIF is going to be 5-10 seconds. The specific audience we will be aiming for with our project are going to be horror film lovers who pay so much attention to detail that they didn’t think others noticed. example of this post can be seen on the Tumblr blog called “9 Film Frames“.

Stuck But… Anxiously Waiting

I haven’t been posting like i should but i have learned a ot about myself from this project. Right now have my whole project mapped out but i am still having problems with the conversions. I downloaded the codec for mts and it plays but only the first 30 seconds after that it times out and i do not want to put everything together and no be able to hear it. That is the problem that i am having right now. I have tried several different converters but to no avail non of them have helped in the situation. So currently I am stuck. I have searched the internet and forums for answers to my problem  but non of them have seemed to work. Please Help….

The Tiger’s tale, part 2 The Family ( NOW AVAILABLE )

( PART 1 ) 

The Tiger’s tale, Beginning

( PART 2 )

The Tiger’s tale, The Family

( The Tiger’s tale, part 2 The Family ) is a continuation of ( The Tiger’s tale, Beginning ). It is recommended that watching, The Tiger’s tale, Beginning first will help you to get a better understanding of the events that took place before, that led to this point.

( Thanks to everyone who critiqued —> The Tiger’s tale, part 2 The Family <— some of your advice will be used in, The Tiger’s tale, part 3. )