Going Solo/Comical Documentary *Final Proposal*

If you’re wondering why I’m now posting a final proposal, a few months ago Michael Smith showed me his “Mother Oh God Mother” project he put together on tumblr, which was the shower scene of the movie “Psycho” and it was amazing. Decided to do that as a team, but due to complications and whatever I’m going solo. I wanted to do this, but since I passed the idea to someone else, gotta be original again, so I decided I am going to do a documentary.

Using what was told by the students in the 401 classes, I will now explain how I will pull this off.

My idea is basically a documentary on a friend of mine who has a funny life. He is 45 years old and acts as if he is 20, which is why I respect him. He jumps around dances, everyone in my workplace loves him; but me knowing him deeply than others, I feel that I can make this a comical documentary. I made him do the “Five Animal Styles of Shaolin” for my Television class in the studio, which you can watch here, and he loved it. So he is down to work on this with me. Title will be “The Tales of Al Anderson”. What gave me this idea is the stories he was telling me about him, coming to the US, sneaking into his brother house to sleep in due to the landlord, the bums (literally bums) in Jamaica Ave asking for cigarettes, and the managers screwing him over at the workplace. I want to shoot this somewhat like the TV series “Trailer Park Boys“.

My audience is basically anyone who is interested in humor. It is not targeted to any specific age group, gender, or whatever. This clip is going to be 5 to 6 minutes long. I am going to do the documentary at this park by Jamaica avenue he sit at everyday. I’m going to add a ton of B-roll of him doing his daily stuff that makes him funny (like asking for swipes, buying chicken, etc. (don’t want to spoil it all)). I plan on shooting this summer, I am going to start in June 25th where hopefully the weather is nice and I can get my hands on a camera from the school. I do not have money at the moment to buy me a professional camera, although I plan to do so in the near future. I am going to shoot this everyday he is off at the park I mentioned earlier. The first day I am going to film the whole interview. The other days I am going to film the shit load of funny B-roll, then the remaining days (The start of next Fall 2014 I will edit and such) After shooting the hardest part would be to edit, because I have not done much of that, but I will learn as the days go by with YouTube videos and such.

Final Project

My final Project titled A Jazzy LIfe, is about the main focus of the story Lummie Spann and he expresses his passion for jazz music.  From his early childhood, up until his current status as an established musician.  While shooting this documentary, I learned a lot about how music has greatly influenced his life by having his entire household having something to do with music.

Final Project Proposal and Digital Identity

my website is http://kcsnyc.wordpress.com i will be soon getting a new website but I’m still brainstorming domain names and designing logos before i actually purchase a domain.

Final Project Proposal

I am doing a music video for my final project. Me and a couple of my friends are going to produce a 6 minute long edm mix and I will be filming throughout the summer. I will be using final cut pro for editing the video and using combination of protools and logic to produce the audio. I have been watching many music videos like, Major Lazer- Sound Bang, Calvin Harris –Summer. Flipo- Doh Tell me Dat for inspiration as well as ideas. I also have audio packs of certain songs so I can use pieces that I like, for example I will be using some of the guitar cords in Calvin Harris’s Summer to open up my piece. The first 2 minutes will start very slow so I can use a lot of establishing shots. The rest of the mix will be mixed from slow paced to fast paced throughout so I can really play with the visuals. I already got permission from many people to film (club promoters, club owners, dh’s) 

Establishing shots 
LS- beach rising sun/setting sun
LS- nightclub shots
POV- club shots
Beach shots- ppl drinking, hanging out, laughing, playing, swimming, walking on board walk
Still shots of NYC
POV- walking in the city, walking in a crowd
Jones Beach
Jones Beach Tunnel shot
MS of dj’s mixing, editing, producing (Club & Home)

Fast paced shots (when beat drops)
Club crowd shots
DJ playing at the club
MS/MCU of people dancing,walking, talking etc
A lot of establishing shots will be used too but I will speed it up if necessary to correlate to the audio.

Digital Presence and Proposal

URL: http://oscarsantiago.com

I’ve created this website to show some of the work I have done through these years. I wish I had more stuff to put up there but unfortunately it is what it is. After lacking of material to fill up the website I finally realized how right Professor Smith was when he used to tell us to always keep making stuff. The website needs a little more work and more posts of course but I think it delivers the main idea, which is to show some of my work and give me an actual digital identity.

For my final project I’ve put together pretty much the whole story. I have also listed some of the things I need before starting the project, as well as the purpose of the film.  Final Project Proposal

Final Project

My Project is called The Journey because when I entered York I was a teenager and now I am leaving as an adult and a journey is simply traveling from one place to another. I really enjoyed working on this project and i probably will re-tweak it several times before it is done. In all honesty i did not meet my milestone goals that I had originally set in the beginning of the semester for multiple reasons the main one being the fact that i felt that i had so much time to complete the project that I slacked off a lot. The quality of the finished product is okay it could be better as far as some segments I needed a few different angles of the shots and maybe I should have had more than one camera but as I had begun editing it due to the nature of my filming I was not afforded the luxury to go back and re-shoot. Also the fact that I changed my direction several different times.

At this instant I would put this piece up as part of my portfolio and then also take the feedback from it and read adjust and submit it as well. Although I do not feel like this is my best piece of work it is not my worse piece of work either. I feel that it could be a little better but i love the story that unfolds. I think it is worthy because of what i learned throughout the experience as far as it showing the growth of me re editing it. I think that the fact that i can re edit it and re-adjust it makes it a sufficient piece of work because as I grow and learn more I will be able to see  my growth.


Final Project: The Money House

So I managed to finish my small film. It consists of 3 pieces of music all created by me with footage of what takes place in “The Money House”. There is a very vague plot, which is very simple in itself. The end is open for interpretation. This is mainly an exercise in being able to put an image to my music, and I figured what better place to do it then here. The original idea was a little different, where the main character left school on a friday and ended up making his way to the place we see in the video. However, I decided to cut that piece out. This was shot in five seperate occassions.

The party scene was a collaboration between myself and a good friend of mine. He did half of the filming, and I did the editing. The party was also thrown by me solely for the purpose of this project. This was literally the first party ever thrown in the room and it was a major success, so I am very grateful for that. The black border was done on purpose to give the scene an urban feel. The rest was shot and edited all by myself on 4 different days and on two different cameras. I managed to condense about 2 hours of b-roll into two minutes. All in all, it was a challenging experience. I used this Tumblr as a guide to keep my themes in place http://baeazy.tumblr.com/. I realized that although there was no shortage of ideas, actually replicating them in real life proved to be a real challenge. I would’ve loved to have someone with a steady hand and camera skills to help, but my schedule was too random to be able to count on anyone else. With that said….enjoy!


Final Project: Custom Made Tango Shoes Website

My final project is based on my job as a shoe designer. I am professional Tango dancer who decided, around 6 years ago, to start a shoe business. First I started selling to my students now I have my showroom in midtown where I meet my clients by appointment. Because of my dancing career, I travel a lot so it has been difficult to be consistent with my shoes appointments. Indeed, my project is about an e-commerce site where my clients can custom made there shoes without me been there physically.

The Original Idea

My first thoughts were very ambitious. I wanted to create a website like this: https://www.shoesofprey.com/3d/designer?p=20600P4 This a 3D platform where the client can custom made their shoes in a sophisticated application.


Shoes of Prey


This is another example of what I wanted at first: www.milkandhoneyshoes.com. I made some research and that would have cost me around $2000 to $5000 dollars. This is when I decided to make my own site in WordPress with a very simple look and feel of it: www.yaisurisalamanca.net/tangoshoes.

The Result

After many hours of work and great feedback from my classmates and professor Michael, I created a simple way of customizing the shoes. The client select the size first, then the combination of colors to see the new image with the changes in the product view: http://yaisurisalamanca.net/tangoshoes/product/margaret-2/


Product Customization

Even though I dedicated so many hours to this project is not done  yet. I still wanna work more in the purchase process and improving texts, colors, products, etc. I consider the quality of work done is good enough to be included in my portfolio to show to future employers because is a clean, functional website with good taste. I still do not think is good enough for publishing and making it available for clients yet because it needs a lot more work in the way the product is presented. I still need to do more revisions and optimizing tax and shipping process.

Looking forward to tomorrow class for final presentation. See you all soon.


Digital Life

For my portfolio, I have a website to showcase my resume and my work. Currently my website (cybernotespro.com) is passable to show an employer but it is not to the standard I would like it to be. I am considering purchasing a web template for my site that looks more professional and creative than the one I have now. My digital identity, I am working on building my presence in showcasing both my video skills and singing skills. I plan on creating a subsite that would be a blog that would be more interactive in the sense of me keeping it updated in the projects I am working on. I recently finished a portrait documentary on a young woman (my sister). I plan on creating more motion graphic projects and showcasing it on a site like behance and vimeo to receive feedback. On my musical skills I plan on recording and editing different covers of songs and showcasing it on youtube and soundcloud.


Final Project/ Final Post


This semester has been very busy. I decided to do a fiction film called Forensic Connection for my final project. At first I imagined myself attempting to create a short film. However, my mind tends to go above and beyond at times. I was not only able to complete the short film, but I was able to develop a small production company with 2 of my close friends called Clearbox Pictures. This is my first feature/short film I have ever worked on and completed. It was a long process, but at the end of the day I’m very satisfied with the results. I was able to develop a website, create unique content for the film such as a movie poster, character photos etc, which can be seen on www.clearboxpictures.com. The film is about an hour long 58mins to be exact. There are 4 main characters in this film and in total the cast consisted of 9 talented individuals. The film has several sets which we were lucky to find without any costs.

The tools that I used in order to complete this project were 2 cameras, a Canon T3i and a Canon Vixia h2. I used my own shotgun mic and was able to borrow one of the shotgun mics from the school as well as several lenses. The filming process began in the summer back in August. There were 16 scenes written, and we were able to film just about every Sunday. We were able to finish the film in time and be able to reshoot scenes if necessary. My contributions to the film were, acting, writing, directing and filming. It seems like a lot to deal with, but this is a passion of mine, so it never felt stressful to manage these tasks.

Overall, what I learned from this project is I had no idea that I would be capable of writing, directing, and acting all at the same time. It wasn’t easy, but this experience has opened my eyes and showed me that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. I also have to give many thanks to my team. They put in a lot of effort and time into this project which, made things much easier. I also had the privilege to work with a fantastic cast of actors, true professionals at heart. Like I mentioned above, this is truly a passion of mine that I am turning into a career. So this may be my first film, but it definitely won’t be my last, and just like wine, I’ll only get better as time progresses.




My online portfolio displays the websites that I have created during my web classes. I have created two websites and uploaded them online on my site for potential employers to view.

The first website that I created was an artist demo website about Claude Monet. I used dreamweaver to create the website. It includes a homepage, about and gallery. There are still some minor changes that need to be done to this website. The URL for the site is www.gurpreetkaursaini/monet.

The more recent website that I created a couple of weeks ago was a demo website about domestic violence against women. I also used dreamweaver to create this site. It includes a homepage, about, getting help and helping a friend. I uploaded the site through the program fetch. This website is more complex than the first one that I created because I correctly used the 12×12 grid correctly. The URL for this site is www.gurpreetkaursaini.com/non-profit.