Final Project Proposal

For my final project i want to make a documentary on my friend Danny who had a special surgery to extend his leg. Danny has a had a shorter leg since he was born, for most of the documentary i want it to be mostly voice over with little on camera interviewing.

1- Interview Danny and family members
2- get b-roll (since dannys condition is constantly changing i been getting some footage of danny and his healing process)

since he now lives in florida it makes it a little more difficult, but whenever he’s in New York I’m going to be filming.

-im using final cut pro and i plan on this doc being 15-20 min long.

Preparing for the Future

I wish to pursue a career in the video game industry, in either development or design. For this reason, I chose a few internships, that will not only give me experience in the field, but maybe even connections which could lead to bigger and better opportunities.

Muse Games – Muse games is a game studio located in Manhattan. The internship they’re offering is a Game Art intern, where I will be asked to design models for upcoming games. I think this is a great opportunity for me because it’s exactly what I want to do, and I think it will be a fun learning experience.

Peak Business Development – This internship is not involving game design, rather web design, which is something I also find enjoyable. I think it would be a great learning experience because coding is something I consider myself good at, and I think I would be very helpful.

Arkadium – Arkadium, like Muse, is a gaming studio located in Manhattan. This internship ask for game development, which is something I would love to learn. A great learning experience.

Arkadium – Same studio as above, although, this internship ask for Game Art design; similarly to Muse studios.

Possibilities for the summer

1) The position that I am applying for is a web design intern for a beauty and hair company. I would like to intern here because I love the field of cosmetology and I get to show my webdesign skills as well.
2) This is also a graphic designer internship that is for the Viyet company. They have worked with some top designers and they want a person with a digital presence. I think I have the skills that they are looking for.
 3) This is a summer internship for a graphic designer and this is a paid internship. The company is located in Soho which is perfect because it is located near where I live. It is a VSA partners company that develops websites for companies.
 4),Job&jvs=Indeed&jvk=Job​: This is a position for web strategy and development intern. It is a summer internship for a book group company. This internship is also paid and it is only located in NYC.
My digital presence is really weak right now because I don’t have a portfolio online. I have facebook, twitter and instagram. I also have a website under my name but I don’t really have much work up that I have created. I need to work on my digital presence so I can get a good job in the future.

Pick Me, Pick Me, Pick Me?

Haz U Nice Job for me?

Below a set of notes taken of responses to the prompt of what are good presentations of self in social, academic and professional settings. Look over these notes and see if you find places of overlap.

For the next meeting you will need to prepare a draft resume based on a sample resume. I you already have one, try to reframe it based on the sample. Bring a paper and electronic copy of the resume. Don’t post online.

You will need to search for at least four possible locations that you would find interesting to intern. Finding internship opportunities – google creators of work you like and see if they’re in NYC or a have an affiliate in NYC. Search craigslist,,,

In a blog post, describe the locations you found and what opportunities are there or you believe you might discover. The goal is to find the best opportunity for yourself, some internships will look better based on the impression you get from the company or the individuals representing the company. Also, realize that ‘crewing up’ or free/low pay design work, can be an opportunity as well.

What is your current digital presence and what do you think it should be. Examples could include a domain of one’s own with a portfolio (reel, other sample work), social network presences that are public and could developed or curated into something a professional network would respect.


Respectful, Connect with others, Humor, Not sitting on the sidelines – gets involved, approachable, comfortable,
Sharing in online environments – likes, compliments, comments (good is as thorough/thoughtful, constructive), sense of others through photos, videos, Public vs. Private, Photos in open networks (instagram vs. private networks like Facebook).


Presenting work – quality of the work, documenting your process, describing your process. Types of work differ from social environments. Suddenly calling work? Versus photos and videos. Level of appropriateness of personal vs. academic? Contextualizing content vs. just presenting content.


Follows a strict set of guidelines. If there guidelines where do they come from? Freelancer Using copyrighted work with permission. Can academic work become professional work? A clean portfolio. THE RESUME AND IT’S LITTLE BROTHER THE COVER LETTER – CAN YOU WRITE, more personal, so therefore more personality, research the particular company and reframe your presentation, present some perspective about company, position, what you think you have to offer, could affect change, .

Interactive Web Comic

Originally, my idea for my final project was to create an animation. Although, after witnessing a fellow student struggles, I feel, the time I have combined with my experience in animating is not enough to produce a final product I would be satisfied with. Thankfully, with the help of a friend, I came up with an idea which combines, both, my love for web design and animation. I decided to make a interactive web comic. The good thing about a interactive web comic is that the project doesn’t rely solely on ones skill of animating, unlike my original idea.

So, what is an interactive web comic? Well, it is exactly what is says, a comic or graphic novel, which can be found online, and it’s interactive or animated. They are mostly laid out just like any ordinary comic, where each scene is divided by it’s own individual page or box, and uses text/thought bubbles to express what the character is saying/thinking. Here are a few examples to show what I mean, each one is different in their own way.

  • Nawlz – I love this Web Comic because it is very unique and takes the whole “web comic” thing to the next level. This is an example I would love to model mine after, although, it will require a lot of graphic design and I feel I am not up to that level, yet. If I choose to do something like this, I would find someone I could collaborate with; who could help me with that.
  • Zark – Something like this example would be the easiest for me to complete. The characters might give me a little trouble, but I believe I would be able to get them done. Also, instead of animations, for the panels with movement I could create GIF’s, which might be a better option.
  • Dracula Comic – Although I am not that familiar with flash, it is an option I am considering. Plus, I love the concept of this web comic. The ability for the user to interact, clicking on items and using them with others, is something I want to implement in my web comic as well.
  • Soul-Reaper – Not necessarily an interactive web comic, but something like this I might consider. Again, for the moving images, I could create GIF’s which might make it easier on me. One thing I find cool about this web comic is the movement of certain images when scrolling. This is something I might consider including in mine as well. The downside to something like this is the extensive graphic design needed.

So, let’s get to the specifics. For my final project, I am planning on creating a one issue comic, something equivalent to an actual comic book in length. I have been considering doing multiple issues or even a full volume. But, for what I am planning, I feel the work would be adequate to that of a final project. I would really like the final product to look something similar to the Nawlz example I posted earlier. I’m sure you can see why I feel one issue is enough.

So, what will I need to get this project completed? Well, I’m sure the first thing is obvious, a website. Since I’m basically building one from scratch, I’m gonna need two things a domain and a hosting site. Fortunately, I have my  own personal website,, which is hosted by Bluehost. What I am planning on doing is creating a sub-domain. The URL, for now, will be something like, I have yet to come up with a name, for the site, which I’ve settled with; ‘webcomic’ will do for now.

The next thing I will need to complete this project is, of course, the programs required to make the animations. Such programs include Flash, After Effects, and Photoshop. I must admit, I am fairly new when it comes to animating and the programs used. But this Fall semester, I am taking CT 345 and FA 384, hopefully I will learn enough so that I don’t have any problems in the animating process. Like I said earlier, if all else fails, I will simply create GIF’s; I shouldn’t have no problem when it comes to making these.

As for the animations themselves, I will most likely be using stills or they will be drawn. I am not the best when it comes to drawing, so I am considering having an outside source help me. I will either find a friend or hire an artist, who’s art style I prefer. If the individual requires pay, then I will doing so out of my own pocket. As an alternative, I can always attempt to draw the images myself. Although, I feel I will not be satisfied with the way they come out.

Now, let’s talk about who is the target audience. Of course, one of the main groups I am trying to attract are those who are fans of comics/manga’s/graphic novels. I have a large number of friends who find joy in reading such things, and I know for a fact that the, comic fan, community is a large one. But, that is not to say that I am only trying to reach out to those individuals alone. Interactive web-comics are a great form of entertainment for those trying to kill time; it is sort of like being apart of the story and people enjoy this.

Currently, I am debating on whether I should make the comic kid friendly; that is no explicit language and things alike. For now, I am not too sure, I will come to that conclusion when going through the final comic script creation.

Speaking of comic script, why don’t I get into the actual plot of the comic itself. When it comes to comics, I must say, I am a huge Batman fan and, with that being said, I wanted to create a comic which incorporates him in some way. The basic plot of the comic follows a private investigator, during one of his investigations in Gotham City. Along his investigation he encounters many shady individuals and of course Batman. I think it is an interesting concept because, since there are many action packed moments,  it would be great to make those animated or interactive in some way. Here is the comic_script which tells in detail what will be in the comic.

Final Project 14 Week SCHEDULE

9/2 – Throughout the week I will work on the final story and plot of the comic; this will be on a comic script.

9/9 – Once the comic script has been approved, I will begin sketching rough drafts of each panel.

9/16 – Once the rough drafts have been looked over, I will begin recreating them with Photoshop.

9/23 – Continued Photoshop work.

9/30 – Once all the pieces are created in Photoshop, I will select certain ones which will be animated and begin animating in After Effects.

10/7 – Continued After Effects work.

10/21 – Begin working on site web frames and layout, final URL name will be decide.

10/28 – Finish up with site layout. I will begin importing the animations onto the site.

11/4 – Continued work.

11/11- Continued work.

11/18 – Site testing for errors, whether in coding or format.

11/25 – Presentation of site for critique. Continued work.

12/2 –  Make changes recommended and final touch-ups.

12/9 – FINAL PROJECT PRESENTATION – with reviewers present

Daljit_Singh Final_Proposal

Inspirational Music Video

For my final project idea is a inspirational music video where the song is a recorded cover that I will sing. For the visuals I was thinking of having both real person footage and motion graphic animation to explain the story of the song. The song I have in mind is Alabaster Box by CeCe Winan. I am flexible so far with what song to do.  Below are some links of music videos that have an idea of what I’m looking to do;

Colton Dixon- Never Gone

Holly Starr – Through My Father’s Eyes

Sanctus Real – Lead Me

The way these music videos are shot is how I would like to make my music video. Adding the motion graphic element would illustrate some of the backstory of the character in the music video.


Pharmaceutical Business

For my final project I want to create a website for a pharmaceutical company. I work for a pharmacy and my boss hasn’t set up a website online promoting his business. I’ve looked at other pharmacy websites online like Duane Reade and Walgreens. They show all the drugs that they have in the store and they even offer to have there refills done if a customer wishes to online. There’s also a list of insurance companies that the pharmacy takes to fill prescriptions. I want the website to show a sense of the friendly environment that we provide and our awesome service. These are the websites that I have looked at:


Now you see it, now you don’t.

This exercise was really fun and I think that I may be doing quite a bit more projects like this one. I took this picture of the roosevelt island bridge and did this exercise called delete and remove. Something I learned in a graphics class I did a while back. This is where you select an object in the picture (it usually works better if you sect something permanent, this way your audience don’t feel like you just removed it with your hand) and in photoshop use the stamp tools and magic brush and content aware to remove it from the picture. Hers the tricky part though, you have to create an illusion as if it wasn’t there to begin with. Working with these tools in photoshop may be a little trick, you may want to start with something small and move your way up. I also retouch the picture to make the color more vibrant.



Delete Bridge