Sorry Yeezy

For the creative week assignment thing, just thought I post a picture of a party thrown a couple weeks ago because… “I got all the answers Ye” #Comeatmebruh

Just Kidding just photoshopped my head over Ray J’s. Did not want my extreme photoshop skills fooling anybody to thinking this was actually real.Jordan+Kim

The Heart Of The Trees


It snowed for the past three days; roads were filled with sleet, slush and ice. Public transportation was temporarily down and many people were snowed in. The surfaces of the streets were filled with snow some parts appeared nearly frozen. As soon as I left my house, I looked up at the trees and I saw an opportunity for an amazing photo-shoot. I later left to explore the neighbor park, and perhaps capture some illegal shots.

The Heart of The Trees

The Heart of The Trees

The snow sits gently on the trees. The snow silhouettes the organic mold of the upper branches, as if one could reach into the picture and feel the bark of the tree. The bridge shows the depth of the train tracks, hinting that locomotion must continue, despite the unplowed snow an inch away.



Winter's Eve

Winter’s Eve

The blue sky and the cirrus clouds highlight the delicate snow. Examine deeper into the frame at one can suppose could be a heart, made from the age of the trees.


Pop Culture


This GIF shown above here is a DS 106 bank assignment. This DS 106 Bank Assignment is called the “Pop Culture. GIF“. The “Pop Culture. GIF” bank assignment was to make an animated .gif of something pop-culture centric. It could be animating a celebrity, part of a music video, or a TV show/movie. This GIF you see here was the iconic VMA moment when rapper Kanye West interrupted country singer Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for her first moon-man for the Best Music Video award, to her and the public that Beyoncé had one of the best music videos of all time, which you can see subtitled in the GIF. This was an iconic moment for pop culture because it was one of Kanye West’s biggest blowouts in his career besides fighting paparazzi cameraman that people still laugh and talk about. To create this GIF, I downloaded the video clip from YouTube and used Adobe Photoshop to create the GIF, which was only 4 seconds of the clip that I downloaded and added the small subtitles so that you would know what he was saying on the mic.

Celeb Mashup!


The image shown above here is a DS 106 bank assignment. This image is what DS 106 calls a “Celeb Mashup!“. A “Celeb Mashup!” is where you take a picture of your favorite celebrity and put yourself in the picture with them somehow. In this image here, the celeb I selected was one of my favorite R&B singers, Ciara, and put in an image of me wearing the same exact shirt (The 2Pac “Trust Nobody” tee from Urban Outfitters) so we could look similar to each other. To make this picture collage, I used this iTunes app on my iPad called “Pic Stitch”, where you choose almost 5 pictures maximum to put all-in-one to make one image.

Snooki Does It Her Way

Again, for today’s creative challenge, I went to the DS106 assignment bank for an idea. There I found Create A READ Poster, which requires you to take an image of a celebrity and create a “Read Poster”. Read Posters were invented to promote reading, as a way to entice children to read. I found this image of Snooki reading and I thought it would be hilarious to make a read poster out of it. The process was fairly simple, all it required me to do was to add the text. Here is the final product:


The Boogeyman of the 1990s

In this video shown above, I created a video montage compilation of the most famous horror film serial killers who have received recognition of the true Boogeymen of the 1990s. When I say “Boogeyman”, I refer to them as the fictional creatures or people created to frighten children. The fictional characters I used were created in films released from 1990 to 1999.

The horror film killers I used are…

  • The Ghostface Killer (from 1996’s Scream and 1997’s Scream 2)
  • Freddy Krueger (From Wes Craven’s New Nightmare)
  • Michael Myers (from Halloween: H20 [20 Years Later])
  • The Candyman (from Candyman)

For the editing process of the montage compilation video, I used the iMovie application and added the music score by Marco Beltrami called “Chasing Sidney” which was also used for Neve Campbell’s attack scene from 1996’s Scream. The attack scene was also used in the video.

The video clips I used for the compilation


Halloween: H20


Wes Craven’s New Nightmare

Scream 2

The video I can say was pretty much moderate success in my opinion. The video was made out of boredom and just for fun but if you’re a horror movie fan, I’d say you would get a kick out of it.

American Horror Story : Coven (The R&B Diva Edition)


The custom-made meme shown above was made as practical yet creative joke to the viewers. The joke of this meme was to assign the names of the witch coven characters of the popular TV show “American Horror Story: Coven” to the R&B superstars. The names were assigned to the singers based their personality and position in the music industry. The R&B singers shown above are Beyoncé (Cordelia), Whitney Houston (Fiona), Ciara (Zoey), Fantasia (Nan), Diana Ross (Myrtle), Rihanna (Madison), Kelly Price (Queenie) and Mariah Carey (Misty).

Making this custom-made meme, two iTunes apps were used, called “Meme Creator” to put the names on the pictures and put the pictures in frames using the app called “Frametastic”. The meme was made to get a laugh out of the American Horror Story fans. Overall, it served its purpose and was a job well done. When it was posted on Instagram and Twitter, it received over 100 likes and many people got a pretty good laugh from it because if you are fans of the singers posted in this meme, you would know that the characters they were assigned fit them so well.

Pug Juggling…… What!!??!!!

I was thinking back to the classes I have taken in the past what came to mind was studio production back in spring 2012 with Prof Dan Phelps. There was this one project that came to mind that was the bane of everyone’s existence, The Juggling Pug. We had to transcribe, and script the audio file that was given so often that everyone was about to go crazy. So I decided to play on the idea of juggling pug and allow the ball to take revenge on the pug.



This is my take of the juggling pug, Pug Juggling.



I plan on adding motion to this image through Aftereffects, hopefully later today.

Snowy Doodle Day

I started creating this picture of a caveman a while back. I finished it up recently and decided to share it as my fourth piece. I like drawing cavemen for a couple of reasons. The pictures of cavemen usually have character. They have form, texture and hues. Their portraits usually say so much, without having too many other elements in the picture. It’s usually easy for me to look at another drawing and sketch from that image because at that point I feel like I am copying not so much a specific image but copying lines and curves. If placed in the right place, what results is something beautiful (hopefully). I tried to find the original image that I started with but couldn’t find it anywhere. So I had to use this one along with this one as inspiration to finish it up.


Visual Album Cover

Recently Beyonce released her first visual album. I checked on the internet and it seems that she was the first artist ever to do this. I decided to take her idea a step further and create the first visual album cover (since she didn’t have one yet). I had a hard time deciding which image I wanted to use because I didn’t want it to be over the top. The album cover for this album is simple and all her other album covers before are usually simple. This project was also partly inspired by an assignment i saw on ds106 design assignments. I felt kind of stuck so I decided to look here for inspiration. The process was fairly simple after I decided what i wanted to do. I created a GIF in photoshop and placed a png of a blank CD case over it.