Final Project: Custom Made Tango Shoes Website

My final project is based on my job as a shoe designer. I am professional Tango dancer who decided, around 6 years ago, to start a shoe business. First I started selling to my students now I have my showroom in midtown where I meet my clients by appointment. Because of my dancing career, I travel a lot so it has been difficult to be consistent with my shoes appointments. Indeed, my project is about an e-commerce site where my clients can custom made there shoes without me been there physically.

The Original Idea

My first thoughts were very ambitious. I wanted to create a website like this: This a 3D platform where the client can custom made their shoes in a sophisticated application.


Shoes of Prey


This is another example of what I wanted at first: I made some research and that would have cost me around $2000 to $5000 dollars. This is when I decided to make my own site in WordPress with a very simple look and feel of it:

The Result

After many hours of work and great feedback from my classmates and professor Michael, I created a simple way of customizing the shoes. The client select the size first, then the combination of colors to see the new image with the changes in the product view:


Product Customization

Even though I dedicated so many hours to this project is not done  yet. I still wanna work more in the purchase process and improving texts, colors, products, etc. I consider the quality of work done is good enough to be included in my portfolio to show to future employers because is a clean, functional website with good taste. I still do not think is good enough for publishing and making it available for clients yet because it needs a lot more work in the way the product is presented. I still need to do more revisions and optimizing tax and shipping process.

Looking forward to tomorrow class for final presentation. See you all soon.


Update Tango Shoes Final Project


This week I have added the Gift Cards and FAQs page. I still have to work on the CSS to make compatible with the feel and look of the website. The FAQs’ plugin I installed was Q and A FAQ and Knowledge Base for WordPress and the Gift Card’s plugin was WooCommerce – Gift Cards. They add a basic functionality and so far they are compatible with my theme.

For the Gift Cards page, I created the images or products by setting 6 different prices. I also added some terms and conditions to the description. I would still need to work on the css to make it look  better. For the FAQs page, I modified the css by changing the font color and size. I added an icon to each question and re-sized the search bar. I have also written some questions and answers.

I have been reading tutorials and documentation to set up the payments and shipping but so far it is not working yet. I have pop up some questions in my theme’s forum and waiting for an answer. I will continue reading more and finding out how to make it work.

Update Final Project

This week I have been adding more products to the collection section. The products here are in stock and available to be shipped immediately. This is the link: I also created a data base in Excel for each product to have a SKU, Reference Id, Name, Picture and Description. I am assigning names to each shoe so the client do not work with numbers.

I have worked more on the home page and footer. I added featured and recent products widget to the homepage and custom menus to the footer. I have edited the php and css of both pages to create links with a personal touch.

My main menu changed. I dropped the contact link as the contact information is at the top of the header. I eliminated the shop page that was linking to collection and custom made pages. Instead, collection and custom made are now main separated links.

I have added more categories for products search by color, size and sole type. As well as, editing pictures and reading lots of documentation and YouTube videos.


Update: Final Project

Hi all,

I have been working long hours in building the e-commerce site where my clients would be able to custom made their shoes by selecting the materials, colors, heel style and height, sole type, etc. I have a lot of products, around 300 products so I am in the phase of selecting the product variables for each of them. This week I bought the template ($59 dollars), and installed the following plugins which all are free versions:

  • Accordion Shortcode: whith this plugin I am building the help section.
  • Contact Form 7: the contact form for the contact page.
  • Page-list: to build the sitemap.
  • Product Enquiry for WooCommerce: to add a pop up window in the products page so customers can  make a quick question about the product.
  • WooCommerce Custom Product Tabs Lite: to add a tab in the products page to add the shoe size conversion table I created. My shoes come in a different size than US, UK, euro, etc.
  • YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier: zoom the product’s image when I mouse over the picture.
  • WooCommerce: the plugins that makes everything to look as a online store.

This is the products page so far:

Next step is to clean and resize the pictures of the shoes and selecting the ones I will post in the site. My goal is to finish the shop page first. Then, the homepage and then the rest of the pages.

I am learning while I am creating the site. I have watched a lot of videos and read a lot of documentation for the theme and the plugins. I have touched some php and css pages in the WordPress editor as well as directly in the directory using  Cyberduck. Tried several plugins so far to see the look and feel of them. I am using this store: and this store: as my inspirations.
русская рулетка на андроид

Final Project

In four or more sentences describe what you’re making and what you’ve done so far. Include a link to a researched influence and explain how it affected your proposal. Be sure to embed a piece of media that has been part of the process.

I will be making an online store for custom made tango shoes for men and women. This  will satisfy the Argentine Tango community in the USA mainly. The final user will be able to buy directly from the website and s/he will be able to customize their shoes by selecting attributes as colors and materials, size, sole, etc.

The platform I want to use for this customization and shopping experience is Wordpress with a responsive theme. This will allow the final user to be able to use their phones and mobile devices expanding the visualization of the products. The products will be categorized by gender, styles, models, collections, etc. The website’s url would be: which I already bought.

This is an example of what I am intending to create:!/~/product/category=5750045&id=24471572



This will give the option to the client to customize their shoes. I will be having all the materials samples and images in the FAQs page so the person will have a lot of help when choosing them. The client will also have the option of choosing their size from a drop down menu or uploading the measurement of their feet. There will be a table with all size conversion.