Digital Presence and Proposal


I’ve created this website to show some of the work I have done through these years. I wish I had more stuff to put up there but unfortunately it is what it is. After lacking of material to fill up the website I finally realized how right Professor Smith was when he used to tell us to always keep making stuff. The website needs a little more work and more posts of course but I think it delivers the main idea, which is to show some of my work and give me an actual digital identity.

For my final project I’ve put together pretty much the whole story. I have also listed some of the things I need before starting the project, as well as the purpose of the film.  Final Project Proposal

Final Project Idea

For my final project I’m going to make a short animation, which would tell the story of a small creature called Santy. This creature doesn’t know where he is from or what he is. Living in a big city he developed human hobbies one of them being his love for soccer. The animation would be about this creature.


I been working on improving my drawing skills lately so I decided to give portrait drawing a try. This is my second time drawing somebody’s face so please bear with me. It actually took me longer than I expected and at the end it came out okay. I’m not complete happy with the result but I think is a good start. Here is how I started developing the face and its final stage. Although, I think it still needs more work.
Mouth and eyes
Portrait drawing
Portrait drawing

Feedback? How can I improve my drawings? 🙂