Final Project

My Project is called The Journey because when I entered York I was a teenager and now I am leaving as an adult and a journey is simply traveling from one place to another. I really enjoyed working on this project and i probably will re-tweak it several times before it is done. In all honesty i did not meet my milestone goals that I had originally set in the beginning of the semester for multiple reasons the main one being the fact that i felt that i had so much time to complete the project that I slacked off a lot. The quality of the finished product is okay it could be better as far as some segments I needed a few different angles of the shots and maybe I should have had more than one camera but as I had begun editing it due to the nature of my filming I was not afforded the luxury to go back and re-shoot. Also the fact that I changed my direction several different times.

At this instant I would put this piece up as part of my portfolio and then also take the feedback from it and read adjust and submit it as well. Although I do not feel like this is my best piece of work it is not my worse piece of work either. I feel that it could be a little better but i love the story that unfolds. I think it is worthy because of what i learned throughout the experience as far as it showing the growth of me re editing it. I think that the fact that i can re edit it and re-adjust it makes it a sufficient piece of work because as I grow and learn more I will be able to see  my growth.


Stuck But… Anxiously Waiting

I haven’t been posting like i should but i have learned a ot about myself from this project. Right now have my whole project mapped out but i am still having problems with the conversions. I downloaded the codec for mts and it plays but only the first 30 seconds after that it times out and i do not want to put everything together and no be able to hear it. That is the problem that i am having right now. I have tried several different converters but to no avail non of them have helped in the situation. So currently I am stuck. I have searched the internet and forums for answers to my problem  but non of them have seemed to work. Please Help….

Pro-crastinator (final project update)

I haven’t posted on here in a while and honestly until recently I haven’t really stayed on track with the milestone updates or workflow. Somedays are better than others and somedays I just get stuck. It is hard when you know exactly how you want it to be but your delivery is still kinda off. So right now the whole story is lined up but I’m still missing some of the visual effects and cinematography aspects. Other than that I think it’s coming along fine but I do my best work under pressure and I have come to realize that I am a procrastinator at my best .

Easy As Pie Not!!!

Milestone Update:

I have started going threw my footage and piecing together my story and like Mike (so cliché’) said I am seeing that there are other angles that I can present a particular scene. I have decided to start off with a flashback narration to the beginning segment of my piece. In changing  to this I realize that I may need a little more footage in this new approach so I  am in the process of collecting some flashback footage of my self and my subject as well as trying to capture our natural relationship on film. I realized that things don’t always go according to plan, and I have hit a technical difficulty that I am kind of stuck on : one I lost/misplaced one of my sd cards  and second the audio from one of the sessions is a little scratchy and has a lot of static I am open to suggestions as in how to remove it I have tried audacity and I am not a fan of how it came out so if anyone has any suggestions please share.

I must say that through all these hardships I am learning a lot about myself and my taste as well. I am still drawing little things from my original inspirations and so far I like the way things are beginning to piece together.




Sports Diary – Motivational

My final project is a mini documentary style piece about my Coach Ron James . It details his journey and what has motivated him through his career and how he has been an motivator to me both on and off the court. Throughout his journey my journey will unravel as well as other former players and colleagues of his.

I was inspired by several movies like glory road and other sports movies but i would like to do something like ” A woman amongst boys ”