Finally, I see the light

After days of burying my head in the sand, I am now able to say that I see the light. This journey has not been remotely close to easy. I am so happy that I was able to survive and even more importantly happy about the experience I have had. I entered this major not knowing a single thing about production and now I can say that I know enough to say that I probably know 70 % of what production entails. The point I am making is that it is all a learning process and two years of doing these courses is not enough to make you a pro, but I’m working on it and I am definitely going to stick with it.

That being said, my final project was an abstract narrative animated short film. When I say short, I mean really short. Despite the length, I was still able to tell a story. I really appreciate the feedback that I received from my peers and classmates. The added outlook really helped me through the process. My piece was really important to me because it came from a place of feminine empowerment. Throughout the years I have watched many females allow their power to be taken away and even more importantly, they failed to reclaim it because of the shame they suffer in the process. I really hope this piece speaks to someone out there that feel that they might be going through something that no one understands. I got the inspiration to do this from the movie For Colored Girls (everywhere that have considered suicide when the rainbow is enough). Initially I thought that the entire piece would be 4 minutes long, however I soon realized that not only was it impossible to do a 4 minute long animation by myself in a short period of time, but I also realized that for this piece, 4 minutes would have been too long and possibly redundant.

The poem was an adaptation from Sonia Sanchez’s Poem for Women, however the narrative was written by your’s truly. It really felt good to bring something from an idea to actuality. The most important thing that I hope to gain from showing this piece is it’s ability to speak to people, especially females.

The piece will be displayed on my website,

Animation Update

So I haven’t posted an update in a while, this is because I have been spending the time to finish up most of the animation. I am happy to say that I am almost done with the drawing. Once I am done with this, the next phase will be adding the environments. I still haven’t gotten my voice actors to perform the words of the poem yet. I am starting to realize that I may have to end up doing it. Other than that everything seems to be flowing smoothly. I have also placed some of the drawing in Adobe After Effects so I am able to place the story in the order I wish for it to happen.

Project “Update”

So far my final project, seems to be coming along quite nicely. I am however a little bit behind schedule, this was due to the fact that one of the persons that I had asked to participate decided to drop out after we had scheduled meeting dates. I was able to find a replacement and with the footage that I received from her and my other participant, i am still able to use both to create my project. That being said, I have been able to continue with the post production part of my work. I was also able to rewrite my script to adjust the way that the story would be told (since i decided to shorten the original piece). I am not quite sure of the amount of frames that I have completed, however I know that I have completed a little over a quarter of my project (based on the scenes that I have completed).

A short visit back to the drawing board

My original final project proposal had stated that I wanted to create a 3 minute animation of a story that I created from a poem by Sonia Sanchez. I soon realized afterwards that my intentions were a little ambitious and that i would not be able to achieve this in the time given. That being said, I had to go back to the drawing board and tweak some things.

My final project will still be a short animated story based on a poem by Sonia Sanchez. However to create this piece in a reasonable amount of time, I have decided to cut the length in half. I will still be using video footage and still be brining it into Photoshop to draw on the frames. This piece will be approximately one and a half minutes long. There will be a compilation of several short scenes ranging from 1-3 seconds each that will be arranged to tell a story. This video footage will be original footage of actors that I have directed for each scene. The end result will be an abstract interpretation if a conversation between mother and daughter.

So far I have completed approximately 150 frames in photoshop. I have also looked at the poem to see where  have to

Milestone and Progress

In the past I have participated in a few writing workshops, and in these workshops I have expressed that art exists in everything, that if we as human beings would sit still long enough, then our imagination would take control and inspiration would take place. This is the way poetry works. A great poem will offer several meanings when read. It takes to a different place every time you read it. This is what I intend to do with some of my favorite poem. So for my Final project I am going to create an animation of a poem written by Sonia Sanchez.

I have started to place the frames in Photoshop and select the ones I want to stay and delete the ones I don’t. Here is a preview, however I may choose to change the color later on.

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 12.44.22 AM


Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 12.46.03 AM

Now you see it, now you don’t.

This exercise was really fun and I think that I may be doing quite a bit more projects like this one. I took this picture of the roosevelt island bridge and did this exercise called delete and remove. Something I learned in a graphics class I did a while back. This is where you select an object in the picture (it usually works better if you sect something permanent, this way your audience don’t feel like you just removed it with your hand) and in photoshop use the stamp tools and magic brush and content aware to remove it from the picture. Hers the tricky part though, you have to create an illusion as if it wasn’t there to begin with. Working with these tools in photoshop may be a little trick, you may want to start with something small and move your way up. I also retouch the picture to make the color more vibrant.



Delete Bridge


Throback Thursdays #tbt

Last year in ct 240, one of the classes I enjoyed the most, we were given an exercise where we had to direct our own juggle and pug show. The exercise was really fun and we learnt that being a director was no walk in the park. That being said, i kept the pictures and the audio from the exercise. I had an idea to do a little storybook kind of production for my niece just for fun. I never actually got a chance to do it so this challenge gave me the opportunity to revisit it. I was able to finish it up today and now voila.


Sketch Wednesdays

On days when I’m trying to wind down from a frantic day, I turn to the sketchpad. whether it’s a doodle or a visual  expression of a poem, it soothes me. I mentioned before in an earlier post that I often like to look at still like drawings and copy it. I actually saw this picture as an example on my sketchpad cover and decided to take a shot at recreating it. Did i do a good job?





Snowy Doodle Day

I started creating this picture of a caveman a while back. I finished it up recently and decided to share it as my fourth piece. I like drawing cavemen for a couple of reasons. The pictures of cavemen usually have character. They have form, texture and hues. Their portraits usually say so much, without having too many other elements in the picture. It’s usually easy for me to look at another drawing and sketch from that image because at that point I feel like I am copying not so much a specific image but copying lines and curves. If placed in the right place, what results is something beautiful (hopefully). I tried to find the original image that I started with but couldn’t find it anywhere. So I had to use this one along with this one as inspiration to finish it up.


Visual Album Cover

Recently Beyonce released her first visual album. I checked on the internet and it seems that she was the first artist ever to do this. I decided to take her idea a step further and create the first visual album cover (since she didn’t have one yet). I had a hard time deciding which image I wanted to use because I didn’t want it to be over the top. The album cover for this album is simple and all her other album covers before are usually simple. This project was also partly inspired by an assignment i saw on ds106 design assignments. I felt kind of stuck so I decided to look here for inspiration. The process was fairly simple after I decided what i wanted to do. I created a GIF in photoshop and placed a png of a blank CD case over it.