Final Project

My final Project titled A Jazzy LIfe, is about the main focus of the story Lummie Spann and he expresses his passion for jazz music.  From his early childhood, up until his current status as an established musician.  While shooting this documentary, I learned a lot about how music has greatly influenced his life by having his entire household having something to do with music.

Jazzy Lifestyle Update

I set up a shoot with Lummie Spann Jr. and it was suppose to be last week thursday at a club he was going to be performing at but the owner of the club did not respond back to either me or Lummie Spann Jr. so we have to push the shoot back by another week, in order to shoot his performance.  I have his bio and the way i plan to shoot the film in order which will b starting from his childhood to what he wants to end up doing in the future, with jazz music.

Jazzy Lifestyle

1/31 the written answers to all the questions I have from Lummie Spann Jr.

2/7 B-roll

2/14 B-roll

2/21 Shooting the first interview

2/28 Shooting Second interview

3/7 B-roll

3/14 B-roll

3/21 Shooting Third Interview

3/28 Editing

4/4 Editing

4/11 View/ Feedback

4/18 Editing

4/25 view/ feedback

5/2 FINAL PROJECT PRESENT with reviewers present