Digital Life

For my portfolio, I have a website to showcase my resume and my work. Currently my website ( is passable to show an employer but it is not to the standard I would like it to be. I am considering purchasing a web template for my site that looks more professional and creative than the one I have now. My digital identity, I am working on building my presence in showcasing both my video skills and singing skills. I plan on creating a subsite that would be a blog that would be more interactive in the sense of me keeping it updated in the projects I am working on. I recently finished a portrait documentary on a young woman (my sister). I plan on creating more motion graphic projects and showcasing it on a site like behance and vimeo to receive feedback. On my musical skills I plan on recording and editing different covers of songs and showcasing it on youtube and soundcloud.


Search for the Internship

I definitely have to work on my digital presence. I have my own site, I have a linkedin, facebook, twitter, and instagram but I have not been active on most of them. I have to work on being more creative and getting my work out there.

So I have a few possibilities  for internships for the summer. I already have applied to a few on the side but I have a few more prospectives:

WABC-TV This opportunity look interesting because you get a behind the scenes look of how the news studio  is run. I think I can gain an insight on how the studio is run and if it is a right fit for me. It is also a paid opportunity.

NYC Parks and Recreation – This is unpaid but it is interesting because I get to work with teens and in a way I am giving back and helping out. I think it can give me teaching experience and reinforce my own knowledge.

Fox – This is paid internship. This provides a provides mentoring and networking opportunities. It gives me insight at another part of the tv.

Turner Inc- truTV -This internship is also paid, You work in different parts of the internship such as script writing, research, video taping, transcribing, working on pitches and more. This looks interesting because I can take part in different parts of the production process.

Inspirational Music Video: A Second Look

I plan on making a Christian inspirational music video. I plan on recording a cover of a song sung by me. I am deciding on songs but a possible contender is  Alabaster Box by CeCe Winan. To the music I plan to shoot footage if I go with the song, of a young woman struggling with her past. I plan on using some motion graphics to animate some of the past scenes, simple scenes that contain a cartoonish version of the woman. This is intended for all age groups, the audience can be both Christian and of music genres. I plan to use this video as a way to reach out with my talent in music and to showcase my work in video production.

Some of the work that inspires me in video technique:

Colton Dixon- Never Gone

Holly Starr – Through My Father’s Eyes

Sanctus Real – Lead Me

I would need an actor or someone that can play the role of the young woman, a location(s).

I plan to exhibit the final product online, and at my local church.

Inspirational Music Video

For my final project idea is a inspirational music video where the song is a recorded cover that I will sing. For the visuals I was thinking of having both real person footage and motion graphic animation to explain the story of the song. The song I have in mind is Alabaster Box by CeCe Winan. I am flexible so far with what song to do.  Below are some links of music videos that have an idea of what I’m looking to do;

Colton Dixon- Never Gone

Holly Starr – Through My Father’s Eyes

Sanctus Real – Lead Me

The way these music videos are shot is how I would like to make my music video. Adding the motion graphic element would illustrate some of the backstory of the character in the music video.


Pug Juggling…… What!!??!!!

I was thinking back to the classes I have taken in the past what came to mind was studio production back in spring 2012 with Prof Dan Phelps. There was this one project that came to mind that was the bane of everyone’s existence, The Juggling Pug. We had to transcribe, and script the audio file that was given so often that everyone was about to go crazy. So I decided to play on the idea of juggling pug and allow the ball to take revenge on the pug.



This is my take of the juggling pug, Pug Juggling.



I plan on adding motion to this image through Aftereffects, hopefully later today.

Anime(al) Call!!!

As I was racking my brain today on what to create, I took a look at my dog Kia and was like hmmm, maybe I can draw you. I was at first going to draw a real life looking portrait of her sleeping on my legs but I do not have such skill to do so and will just end up humiliating myself. Instead I decided to go for an anime-influnced approach.

My dog Kia

My dog Kia


Below is the growth of my little anime character,


It is just the beginning, I might redraw it or ad color. It was spur of the moment but I think its pretty cute.