Final Project: The Money House

So I managed to finish my small film. It consists of 3 pieces of music all created by me with footage of what takes place in “The Money House”. There is a very vague plot, which is very simple in itself. The end is open for interpretation. This is mainly an exercise in being able to put an image to my music, and I figured what better place to do it then here. The original idea was a little different, where the main character left school on a friday and ended up making his way to the place we see in the video. However, I decided to cut that piece out. This was shot in five seperate occassions.

The party scene was a collaboration between myself and a good friend of mine. He did half of the filming, and I did the editing. The party was also thrown by me solely for the purpose of this project. This was literally the first party ever thrown in the room and it was a major success, so I am very grateful for that. The black border was done on purpose to give the scene an urban feel. The rest was shot and edited all by myself on 4 different days and on two different cameras. I managed to condense about 2 hours of b-roll into two minutes. All in all, it was a challenging experience. I used this Tumblr as a guide to keep my themes in place I realized that although there was no shortage of ideas, actually replicating them in real life proved to be a real challenge. I would’ve loved to have someone with a steady hand and camera skills to help, but my schedule was too random to be able to count on anyone else. With that said….enjoy!


Final Project Update 4/11

My project is coming along. I have shot about half of what I need, most of it being b-roll. The real shoot begins next weekend where I organized an actual party just to be able to get some footage. The party has no purpose apart from that. A projector will also be present but I wont be able to access it until friday, so on that day I have set aside time to get that footage as well. My music pieces have been altered and a skeleton on premiere has already been made. I just have to fill in the missing gaps of footage and do some post editing. If all goes as planned I will be done with my shoot by next weekend and have the rest of the month as well as may to edit. I still have to update my outline which is currently 100% wrong. Irresponsible on my part, but once I get a grasp of my timing I will update it. Things are just kind of falling into place slowly. Time frees itself and I take advantage that instant. Working alone allows my schedule to flex completely.

Apart from the actual project, I have been building this tumblr in which I post content that fits the theme of the video itself. Everyday I go on and reblog or post a picture that will be the inspiration for my next film shoot. I actually use it as a tool to keep me in line with the rest of my stuff. Take a look and follow my page!

Final Project Update

Well the one thing I didnt take into consideration whilst planning my project was the weather. Most of my scenes are to be shot outdoors in the city. Now that the weather is clearing up and sunny days are among us, I can get more work done. In the meantime I had been creating the music to go along with my film. I have created over 10 pieces for this, but ultimately boiled it down to three which are presented in the link below. More layers will be added once the films are being shot to coincide with whats on screen. As for my party scene, a friend of mine is supposed to be getting the perfect place for me to film. All that is left is the final paperwork and I can begin. I already purchased a black light and borrowed a pocket projector for this.

As for these three drafts, they are numbered Track 1, 2 and 3 respectively. This represents the order in which they will be in the film. They also all use a similar flanger effect except for one. This is to ease the transition in between them when the scenes change. Im overall left behind as far as my schedule goes. Again, a combination of weather and me spreading myself thin is at fault here. But no excuses, I am determined to have everything shot by the second week of April the latest, leaving me a couple of weeks to edit.



Visual Soundbytes

My final project is a compilation of 3 original music pieces accompanied by a visual. It follows a plot line of a young boy who leaves school and explores the nooks and crannies of our New York City streets. I have so far created skeletons for all three songs and began to draw specific ideas out for future shoot dates.


Final scene in this video

Use of the projector in this video