Going Solo/Comical Documentary *Final Proposal*

If you’re wondering why I’m now posting a final proposal, a few months ago Michael Smith showed me hisĀ “Mother Oh God Mother” project he put together on tumblr, which was the shower scene of the movie “Psycho” and it was amazing. Decided to do that as a team, but due to complications and whatever I’m going solo. I wanted to do this, but since I passed the idea to someone else, gotta be original again, so I decided I am going to do a documentary.

Using what was told by the students in the 401 classes, I will now explain how I will pull this off.

My idea is basically a documentary on a friend of mine who has a funny life. He is 45 years old and acts as if he is 20, which is why I respect him. He jumps around dances, everyone in my workplace loves him; but me knowing him deeply than others, I feel that I can make this a comical documentary. I made him do the “Five Animal Styles of Shaolin” for my Television class in the studio, which you can watch here, and he loved it. So he is down to work on this with me. Title will be “The Tales of Al Anderson”. What gave me this idea is the stories he was telling me about him, coming to the US, sneaking into his brother house to sleep in due to the landlord, the bums (literally bums) in Jamaica Ave asking for cigarettes, and the managers screwing him over at the workplace. I want to shoot this somewhat like the TV series “Trailer Park Boys“.

My audience is basically anyone who is interested in humor. It is not targeted to any specific age group, gender, or whatever. This clip is going to be 5 to 6 minutes long. I am going to do the documentary at this park by Jamaica avenue he sit at everyday. I’m going to add a ton of B-roll of him doing his daily stuff that makes him funny (like asking for swipes, buying chicken, etc. (don’t want to spoil it all)). I plan on shooting this summer, I am going to start in June 25th where hopefully the weather is nice and I can get my hands on a camera from the school. I do not have money at the moment to buy me a professional camera, although I plan to do so in the near future. I am going to shoot this everyday he is off at the park I mentioned earlier. The first day I am going to film the whole interview. The other days I am going to film the shit load of funny B-roll, then the remaining days (The start of next Fall 2014 I will edit and such) After shooting the hardest part would be to edit, because I have not done much of that, but I will learn as the days go by with YouTube videos and such.