Final Project Proposal

James Narine
Professor Phelps
May 16th, 2014

My final project, I am going to build a character sketch and storyline about Jean Paul (JP) and his coaching for the team he coaches and plays on. While I was shooting this short documentary I experience various thoughts about how a basketball player and coach have wonderfully influenced students out there in the community to fulfill their dreams as a basketball player or coach. I hope that you can gain something from this short documentary. He enjoys playing basketball as his hobby. Jean, better known as JP, loved the game of basketball since he was 9 years old. JP was raised in Queens NY, by his mom and dad. His mother name was Myriam. His father name was Luis Jerez.
This is the interview dialogue between Jean Paul and I.

Q: Has it been harder since your dad passed away?
A: Yes it has so hard on me because I miss my dad so much.
Q: Can you describe some of the hardships you’ve faced?
A: His answer was almost everything and just because he was always there when I didn’t know or need anything. So I decided to force myself to take care of the bills around the house that had to get paid on time.
Q: Okay, so you would say you had to become more productive overall, because the responsibilities in the house were a lot and you had to step in and be the man of the house?.
A: John replies and said basically.
Q: Are you the oldest siblings or do you have other siblings?.
A: His answer is no I’m the youngest but I’m the only one that lives with my mother. I am planning to build this story around you and your life. It’s going to be great. I have 2 brothers and I sister that all live in Queens.
Q: So only you and your mom are living at that house on 111 street?.
A: He responds as yes, okay cool describe what it’s like to keep your head up and stay focused. I’m assuming your mother is employed. It’s not hard to stay focused it’s just the point of him not being here its type hard. I miss him so much and I think of him every single day. My father passed December 5th 2013. Okay, his company and his spirit are here for you.
Q: Does his passing cause you to be more motivated to be successful?.
A: His answer was its sure does. Well that is nice and cool we’re getting somewhere. Q: What school do you attend?.
A: I attended QueensBorough Community College (QCC) and I am 24 Years old. I will turn 25 on September 11th.
Q: Okay good what’s your major?.
A: Jean Paul responds and said my major is Physical Education because I would like to become a high school basketball coach.
Q: Where are you parents from?.
A: My parents are from Puerto Rico and Colombia.
Q: Have you worked in any schools or interned on any places that relates to your major?.
A: His answer was Nope, not yet but I plan on to.
Q: Okay, how else can I make this a compelling and strong story?.
A: Jean Paul answer was I don’t know. How old are your teammates.
Q: Would you say that the team you coach/paly on a high school level or collegiate?.
A: The youngest is 20 and the oldest is 25 years old.
Q: Okay, so you guys ever play at other high school division or college division before?
A: I coached high school level and I play in collegiate leagues.
Q: Is there any way for me to gain access to video tape your high school coaching.
A: Jean answer was no.