My online portfolio displays the websites that I have created during my web classes. I have created two websites and uploaded them online on my site for potential employers to view.

The first website that I created was an artist demo website about Claude Monet. I used dreamweaver to create the website. It includes a homepage, about and gallery. There are still some minor changes that need to be done to this website. The URL for the site is www.gurpreetkaursaini/monet.

The more recent website that I created a couple of weeks ago was a demo website about domestic violence against women. I also used dreamweaver to create this site. It includes a homepage, about, getting help and helping a friend. I uploaded the site through the program fetch. This website is more complex than the first one that I created because I correctly used the 12×12 grid correctly. The URL for this site is www.gurpreetkaursaini.com/non-profit.