Final Project/ Final Post


This semester has been very busy. I decided to do a fiction film called Forensic Connection for my final project. At first I imagined myself attempting to create a short film. However, my mind tends to go above and beyond at times. I was not only able to complete the short film, but I was able to develop a small production company with 2 of my close friends called Clearbox Pictures. This is my first feature/short film I have ever worked on and completed. It was a long process, but at the end of the day I’m very satisfied with the results. I was able to develop a website, create unique content for the film such as a movie poster, character photos etc, which can be seen on The film is about an hour long 58mins to be exact. There are 4 main characters in this film and in total the cast consisted of 9 talented individuals. The film has several sets which we were lucky to find without any costs.

The tools that I used in order to complete this project were 2 cameras, a Canon T3i and a Canon Vixia h2. I used my own shotgun mic and was able to borrow one of the shotgun mics from the school as well as several lenses. The filming process began in the summer back in August. There were 16 scenes written, and we were able to film just about every Sunday. We were able to finish the film in time and be able to reshoot scenes if necessary. My contributions to the film were, acting, writing, directing and filming. It seems like a lot to deal with, but this is a passion of mine, so it never felt stressful to manage these tasks.

Overall, what I learned from this project is I had no idea that I would be capable of writing, directing, and acting all at the same time. It wasn’t easy, but this experience has opened my eyes and showed me that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. I also have to give many thanks to my team. They put in a lot of effort and time into this project which, made things much easier. I also had the privilege to work with a fantastic cast of actors, true professionals at heart. Like I mentioned above, this is truly a passion of mine that I am turning into a career. So this may be my first film, but it definitely won’t be my last, and just like wine, I’ll only get better as time progresses.