Final Project: Custom Made Tango Shoes Website

My final project is based on my job as a shoe designer. I am professional Tango dancer who decided, around 6 years ago, to start a shoe business. First I started selling to my students now I have my showroom in midtown where I meet my clients by appointment. Because of my dancing career, I travel a lot so it has been difficult to be consistent with my shoes appointments. Indeed, my project is about an e-commerce site where my clients can custom made there shoes without me been there physically.

The Original Idea

My first thoughts were very ambitious. I wanted to create a website like this: This a 3D platform where the client can custom made their shoes in a sophisticated application.


Shoes of Prey


This is another example of what I wanted at first: I made some research and that would have cost me around $2000 to $5000 dollars. This is when I decided to make my own site in WordPress with a very simple look and feel of it:

The Result

After many hours of work and great feedback from my classmates and professor Michael, I created a simple way of customizing the shoes. The client select the size first, then the combination of colors to see the new image with the changes in the product view:


Product Customization

Even though I dedicated so many hours to this project is not done  yet. I still wanna work more in the purchase process and improving texts, colors, products, etc. I consider the quality of work done is good enough to be included in my portfolio to show to future employers because is a clean, functional website with good taste. I still do not think is good enough for publishing and making it available for clients yet because it needs a lot more work in the way the product is presented. I still need to do more revisions and optimizing tax and shipping process.

Looking forward to tomorrow class for final presentation. See you all soon.