Final Project

My Project is called The Journey because when I entered York I was a teenager and now I am leaving as an adult and a journey is simply traveling from one place to another. I really enjoyed working on this project and i probably will re-tweak it several times before it is done. In all honesty i did not meet my milestone goals that I had originally set in the beginning of the semester for multiple reasons the main one being the fact that i felt that i had so much time to complete the project that I slacked off a lot. The quality of the finished product is okay it could be better as far as some segments I needed a few different angles of the shots and maybe I should have had more than one camera but as I had begun editing it due to the nature of my filming I was not afforded the luxury to go back and re-shoot. Also the fact that I changed my direction several different times.

At this instant I would put this piece up as part of my portfolio and then also take the feedback from it and read adjust and submit it as well. Although I do not feel like this is my best piece of work it is not my worse piece of work either. I feel that it could be a little better but i love the story that unfolds. I think it is worthy because of what i learned throughout the experience as far as it showing the growth of me re editing it. I think that the fact that i can re edit it and re-adjust it makes it a sufficient piece of work because as I grow and learn more I will be able to see  my growth.