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I don’t Matter Website

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This project originally started out as a duo project with Larissa and I. Originally it was suppose to be a platform for creative and inspirational people, who can influence and inspire others to be different and create. Our project was called “Spark a Revolution”, then it change to “ I Don’t Matter” which was based off a web series for the project Spark a revolution. Spark a revolution ( which is now larissa portfolio) started as the main focus of our project, there was suppose to be a variety of things such as different types of videos. We started out using social media, which is still one of our sources, but we used it as our beginning platform to get the word out about Spark a Revolution.


Some of the videos were to consist of spiritual inspiration, music videos, displaying other creative people work and blogs. However, the out come was not that great because of mix communication and agreements between Larissa and I.


The conflict of agreement and arrangement came in during the middle of building this project. So we decided to switch up things a bit. Larissa and I decided to clarify our new roles and responsibilities as a team and switch up things. She renamed the project I don’t matter, the project became a web series of  “ I don’t matter” I became the web developer. This way we work together but not together.


So, Larissa series I don’t matter begin to launch as well as her blogs are featured on the website. Our content was based of off blogs and videos that’s what made up the whole website. We added an about us page, blog page and contact us page.


The process of this at first I must admit was crazy, after a little mixed communication of our roles in the beginning. I wanted to quit. However, I know my future was riding on this and Larissa.

Recreate process


Step 1: When we first started we were using square space, which is now Larissa Personal portfolio site. After much research compare and contrast of hosting site. We decide that Square Space will not work. Due to the fact that u have no real access to the back end, and if the choose today or tomorrow to stop there hosting, we would pretty much me screwed.  Another reason you cannot transfer your domain name to another hosting, nor can you switch your web hosting. Although it was easier for Larissa to maintain for the future, it was not the right choice.


Step 2:  As a web developer I did research on what would be the best for Larissa to maintain her site. I came across Adobe muse, which is similar to Square Space. I have the capabilities of Larissa for ease edits and building, however, I have full control of the back end and choice of my hosting. I don’t have to worry about loosing my website. This software is life changing for me and help me to create a creative, clean sleek website.


Adobe muse is a creative designer platform easy to us (with the knowledge of designing) to create. With the software there are endless capabilities to design and create. It’s a decoded site no coding, yes no coding unless you absolutely want to you have a choice. Adobe muse does have the capability where you can change the site to HTML etc. just to give a description


Here are the steps how Larissa can update her website


Step 1: I create a user name and password for Larissa such as (square space) this is to allow her access to log into the dashboard.

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Step 2: She can then click on the editable things she would like to change such as pictures, text and add videos

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Step 3: then she can publish her site

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This is easer for her and even easier for me. So, I know she can maintain and update her site on her own in 123.



Final step: concluding the site and giving Larissa the logo in information to allow her to make the nessacary changes as needed.



As fore stated when we first started it was a duo project, however, it switched drastically. Larissa basically became my client at the end. I didn’t expect that I thought we were building a project together; we had different visions of what we wanted once we started working together. It enlighten me that group project are great but you must know how to communicate, and as a group I don’t think the communication and understand was there.


In the beginning process we were on one accord, but things begin to deviate slowly. But we got it together and came into an agreement and it worked out for the best at the end. Larissa launches a new web series that build a community and a lot of inspiration for many individuals. It’s gained a lot of recognition and impacted many. Thousands of views might I ad. On my end I create the website, basically transferring the information from the other site square space to Adobe muse.


Knowing what I know now, I would of solely just made the website. However, it taught me a lesson in reference to the importance of communication is key and is extremely important. The failure to understand your partner can destroy a relationship instantly. However, Larissa and I came to an awesome agreement. I got a chance to do what I love and do best.