Free At Last

The final project journey has been an interesting one. Before the semester started Keya and I decided to collaborate to execute a final project. We originally decided to build a website that would show case various projects from aspiring artists with the hope of building an online community. It was difficult to get into the class because the proposal we presented didn’t meet the necessary standards in order to get cleared for the class.

Squarespace was the hosting website that was first chosen because it was easy for me to maintain. There was a lot of miscommunication in the beginning of the semester between my partner and I. There was one main concept but two different visions and different levels of understanding.
Spark A Revolution (which was the name of the squarespace site) was featuring not only projects of other artists but hosting a web series as well called I Don’t Matter.
Due the conflicts that we had, we decided to revamp the whole entire project and establishing specific roles for the project. Before we splitting the responsibilities of generating content, etc and it just wasn’t working out.
For the squarespace account statics showed that majority of audience navigated to the I Don’t Matter page and the blog page. Since IDM was the most popular content we decided to build a website around the IDM theme. My responsibility was shoot and edit the series while Keya’s responsibility was to build a web site from scratch.
IDM series was inspired by three things
-The quote “It’s not about you it’s about the One who chosen you”
-An art piece which the author remains anonymous. It was posted on Tumblr
-I Am Second online series.
The objective of I Don’t Matter was to have several artistic artist tell their stories on what inspired to become a creative artist and why is it more important that their art has impact on their community versus themselves. The set up for the interviews was pretty simple.
-3 DSLR’s (occasionally the HMC 150)
     -Two were stationary and one was floating
-Location and lighting
All the videos were shot in the TV studio. The lighting wasn’t necessarily hard to figure out. Lights 4,26 and 23 were mainly used and we used the Key floor light so the talents wouldn’t blend in with the background.
We really didn’t think the web series would have a huge turn out (almost 2000 views). Majority of the talents that appeared on the show requested to be apart. The request were a little overwhelming and I had to turn people down because I just didn’t have the time to do it especially with work it was difficult to have a video up every week but we managed to shoot and edit for 13 weeks straight.
The milestones that were set for the amount of videos was met which I’m proud about.
Keya reconstructed the website using Adobe muse. The site is way better than the square space version. The decision to use Muse and how it works is all laid out in her post.
Recap of all episodes