Digital Presence – Portfolio Link

I’m not a very social person, when it comes to my everyday life. Although, I believe having a strong digital presence, in today’s society, is a must, if you wish to succeed or get noticed in a professional market. Currently, my digital presence is not as strong as it should be. Some social sites I use include Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The problem is, I am not using these as much as I should be, which is something I’m gonna have to start doing, the closer I get to pursuing a career.

Like I said earlier, I do believe having a strong digital presence is key, in today’s society, for getting a job and quickly. Many employers are expecting you to have your own personal website, where your work can be viewed. Luckily, I do have my own personal website. The most important part, for that website, of course, is the portfolio because it displays just how talented you are as and individual.