Final Project Update 4/11

My project is coming along. I have shot about half of what I need, most of it being b-roll. The real shoot begins next weekend where I organized an actual party just to be able to get some footage. The party has no purpose apart from that. A projector will also be present but I wont be able to access it until friday, so on that day I have set aside time to get that footage as well. My music pieces have been altered and a skeleton on premiere has already been made. I just have to fill in the missing gaps of footage and do some post editing. If all goes as planned I will be done with my shoot by next weekend and have the rest of the month as well as may to edit. I still have to update my outline which is currently 100% wrong. Irresponsible on my part, but once I get a grasp of my timing I will update it. Things are just kind of falling into place slowly. Time frees itself and I take advantage that instant. Working alone allows my schedule to flex completely.

Apart from the actual project, I have been building this tumblr in which I post content that fits the theme of the video itself. Everyday I go on and reblog or post a picture that will be the inspiration for my next film shoot. I actually use it as a tool to keep me in line with the rest of my stuff. Take a look and follow my page!