Final Project Draft Proposal

For my final project I will be creating an informative website for my first client who owns a salon. The salon’s name is sapphire eyebrow and it is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. The owner of the salon is my aunt Saroj Bala and they have an existing website. The website is not up to date, the color schemes are extremely boring, and there is not enough information about the salon overall. For example, they don’t have the prices for the services that they offer nor do they have a description about the people who work there. The website is

The website that I want to create for the salon will include a home page, services, gallery,stylist,and contact/location. I will be going to Indiana during the month of April to collect the information that I need for the website which will include images. My inspiration for this website will be and the previous website that was created. This website follows the twelve bar grid system and it is easy to navigate to other pages. There is a navigation bar in the footer which links to the other pages that tell the information about the salon. This is salon has other locations but it is not a franchised company which is similar to the salon website that I am creating. I don’t like that the images do not pop up for the viewer to see them closer and the homepage does not link to other pages that are in the footer. In my website I want the images to pop up when the audience clicks on them and I want to include a logo sign in the middle of the page. The logo on the homepage is too small for the audience to view. The images seem to take over the page.¬†For my website, my inspirations will be as well as my previous websites that I am completing and the one that I have completed. I will use the previous website to tell myself not to create the website like this. My intended audience will be women as well as men who want to go to a salon that offer good services and make you feel comfortable when you go there. I want people to see my website and use it as an example of how a website for a salon should be.

List of materials: I will buy my url name from reclaim hosting which will be and I checked that the url is available. I will be coding using dreamweaver because this is what we used in web one and web two. To re-size images and make them available for the web, I will use photoshop.

Homepage: I will have the navigation footer above when people come to the website and under that I will have the logo of the salon. I am going to include links to the other pages under the logo as well as images that are related to the links. On the bottom footer, I will have the contact information so the audience can easily reach them to book an appointment.

Services: I will have the navigation footer on this page too and on the left side I will have a list of the services that are offered and on the right side I am going to give the prices that they charge at the salon. I will use the 6×6 grid to create the boxes.

Gallery: I will have about 8-12 images of the salon, people working, the outside of the salon and how they do the eyebrows. Each image will have a specific description of what is going on on the image that is being shown.

Stylist: I will have images of the people who work there and what they specialize in at the salon. I will give some background information about each of them next to the image or under it.

Contact/location: In this page I will include the address of the salon, phone number and a map to show the exact location of the place. This will make it easier for the customer to find the place.

I will present my final project at the end of the semester in the CT lab. I will have it up on the projector and I will describe each page as well as how I created it. This showcase will help the audience see the visual content and they can ask me questions directly if they have any troubles understanding anything.

DATES Milestones / Deliverables
9/2 Buy the domain name from reclaim hosting and start to brainstorm ideas on how the website will look.
9/9 Create a sitemap for the website. This will look like an organizational map of how the website will navigate and the structure of the website.
9/16 Create wire frames in illustrator for the home,services and gallery. This is a skeleton of the websites content but does not include images or type information.
9/23 Create mock ups in photoshop that look like the wire frames but will include images, color schemes, fonts, etc.
9/30 Continue creating mock ups.
10/7 Start coding the homepage on word press on wordpress.
10/21 Continue coding homepage
10/28 Start coding services and re-size images in photoshop for gallery page.
11/4 Start coding the gallery page and include the images that were re-sized from photoshop.
11/11 Code stylist page
11/18 Continue coding stylist page and start on contact/location
11/25 Finish coding contact/location page.
12/2 Add final touches to the website
12/9 FINAL PROJECT PRESENT with reviewers present