Update Tango Shoes Final Project


This week I have added the Gift Cards and FAQs page. I still have to work on the CSS to make compatible with the feel and look of the website. The FAQs’ plugin I installed was Q and A FAQ and Knowledge Base for WordPress and the Gift Card’s plugin was WooCommerce – Gift Cards. They add a basic functionality and so far they are compatible with my theme.

For the Gift Cards page, I created the images or products by setting 6 different prices. I also added some terms and conditions to the description. I would still need to work on the css to make it look  better. For the FAQs page, I modified the css by changing the font color and size. I added an icon to each question and re-sized the search bar. I have also written some questions and answers.

I have been reading tutorials and documentation to set up the payments and shipping but so far it is not working yet. I have pop up some questions in my theme’s forum and waiting for an answer. I will continue reading more and finding out how to make it work.