A foundation of my digital identity

Creating a professional digital identity can be helpful professionally and in our academic careers. It can show our peers the work that we have created as well as promoting our skills in the professional field.I have no kept my domain name from DS 106 because I lost track of it and I couldn’t afford to pay the blue host account. I have social networking sites but for my personal self. It would be better if I have a separate identity from my social networking sites because I like to keep my personal and professional life apart. According to wise geek “Both a person and a company can have a digital identity and while a person always has a concrete identity in the world, businesses may have a storefront identity and establish a digital presence as they establish an online presence in order to do business online.” I want to have an identity in the world so I can get a good job because most of the internships that I have applied for require an online portfolio. I think if I have all my works on my websites, the companies would be able to judge me better through my work.

I already have a new domain name and have to works that I have created. I am putting up more work from my classes but I would like to put the work that I have already created. For example, all of the work that I have in my travel drive. For my current web two class I am creating a non-profit website and I am also going to showcase that on my website.


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  1. My site url is gurpreetkaursaini.com/monet. This is the first website that I built in the web class.

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