Update Final Project

This week I have been adding more products to the collection section. The products here are in stock and available to be shipped immediately. This is the link: http://yaisurisalamanca.net/tangoshoes/?page_id=19 I also created a data base in Excel for each product to have a SKU, Reference Id, Name, Picture and Description. I am assigning names to each shoe so the client do not work with numbers.

I have worked more on the home page and footer. I added featured and recent products widget to the homepage and custom menus to the footer. I have edited the php and css of both pages to create links with a personal touch.

My main menu changed. I dropped the contact link as the contact information is at the top of the header. I eliminated the shop page that was linking to collection and custom made pages. Instead, collection and custom made are now main separated links.

I have added more categories for products search by color, size and sole type. As well as, editing pictures and reading lots of documentation and YouTube videos.