Final Project Update

Well the one thing I didnt take into consideration whilst planning my project was the weather. Most of my scenes are to be shot outdoors in the city. Now that the weather is clearing up and sunny days are among us, I can get more work done. In the meantime I had been creating the music to go along with my film. I have created over 10 pieces for this, but ultimately boiled it down to three which are presented in the link below. More layers will be added once the films are being shot to coincide with whats on screen. As for my party scene, a friend of mine is supposed to be getting the perfect place for me to film. All that is left is the final paperwork and I can begin. I already purchased a black light and borrowed a pocket projector for this.

As for these three drafts, they are numbered Track 1, 2 and 3 respectively. This represents the order in which they will be in the film. They also all use a similar flanger effect except for one. This is to ease the transition in between them when the scenes change. Im overall left behind as far as my schedule goes. Again, a combination of weather and me spreading myself thin is at fault here. But no excuses, I am determined to have everything shot by the second week of April the latest, leaving me a couple of weeks to edit.