Final Project Proposal

For my final project, I want to create a documentary video about basketball. My friend is a coach and a player on the OLPH WildCats. The OLPH stands for Our Lady Of Perpetual Help, is a Catholic Elementary School from grades K-8. It is located on 114th street and 111th Avenue in Queens New York. The Wildcats compete with other Catholic Elementary schools such as Saint Mary’s Gate of Heaven,

Write a detailed treatment for your project and create a storyboard

1) Interview all players and their positions – state your name, state your position “example “ – I am Remy, shooting guard for the OLPH Wildcats, “coach told me to be aggressive and not to give up, be strong and go hard”

2) Show (in locker room ) coach giving instructions about what the task ahead looks like.

3) Shot of the game, as it’s happening, the first quarter, then when their at halftime, go into the locker room and capture what the coach is saying.

I’d like to shoot some pick-up games, and some practice games of the wildcats, practicing with each other in the OLPH facility gym.
After, I’d like to shoot some real games, with the coaches and some of their encouraging remarks. “Go for it, just win”

You need to make sure that you have permission to film in the school and the students that will be involved.
Yes, I do have permission

How long will the documentary be?
15 minutes –

What documentaries inspired this project?

What programs are you using to edit to the project?
Final Cut Pro

Determine what techniques are using to film the project
Close-up shots, wide shots of the team, playing in a real game, as well as practice using B roll and voiceovers to cover over video.

Consider collaborating with a classmate or have people to help you shoot your project.

Create a schedule (milestone timeline) of what you will be doing throughout the semester.

1) March 16th 2014 – 4:30 PM – I expect to shoot a LIVE game held at Holy Child Jesus Church