For this final project I decided to do a series of gifs dedicated to my all time favorite anime, Dragon Ball Z with the help of my partner Deji. The Scene I use is the Father-son Kamehameha wave used by the son of the main character Goku, finishing a very powerful opponent… Perfect Form Cell. I was inspired to do this by watching Michael’s super awesome series of gifs “”Mother Oh God Mother

The process will take a lot of time to complete first we have to find the HD version of the Father Son Kamehameha Wave shown here. The plan is to get that clip into a series of gifs. Each gif would be about 2 to 3 seconds which would be roughly 50 gifs in total.

The target audience for this would be DBZ fans and I am positive that they will love it. It’s a scene in the movie that got everybody riled up because the faith of the earth was in the hands of a teenage boy, and with the help of his father spiritually, they were able to perform the Kamehameha Wave. It was the first and probably the most epic scene in the Cell Saga.

This is one of the ideas for the group gif I batman, and Deji (Robin) is planning to do. The other idea for the project Deji wants to do a series of gifs dedicated to horror films -_- we are still deciding  and close to a decision.