Movie Gif Project- IT WAS A MIRACLE!

My final project idea is to do a sequence of movie gifs. I plan on using the movie “Pulp Fiction” for this project. The scene I am thinking of using is the part wear Samuel Jackson is in the apartment and gets shot at, and believes it was a miracle that caused it all to miss. Sounds like a simple put together but it is really time consuming. Currently I am cutting the scenes into parts to gif them.

I was inspired to do this by watch Michael’s version of this “Mother Oh God Mother

One thought on “Movie Gif Project- IT WAS A MIRACLE!

  1. Description
    In order to do your description correctly you will need to think about the story that you are trying to tell. It’s good that you know the techniques or tools that you want to use but how will you deliver it to your audience?

    In describing the scope of the project, be as specific as possible. ie, tell yourself exactly how this will look in the end from start to finish. how long will each clip, gif, scene be? how long will the entire story be? Give as many details as possible.

    Who is your your audience? be as specific as possible? are they kids? are they adults, if so what age group, what are these people’s interest? why do you think they will be intrigued by your work?

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