Sidney Prescott vs. Ghostface Killer

For my final project, I plan to make a set of GIFs for a specific topic or subject for them all to be connected, like Michael shown us last week Friday of the “Psycho” GIFs. For the specific subject, I chose to do something related to horror/slasher films, something that would connect them all so that people can see the similarities with all of them. For example, a funny concert of why all of the victims in the horror films always run upstairs instead of out the front door. So, I thought about Wes Craven’s Scream film series and Neve Campbell’s character, Sidney Prescott. There’s a theory in the horror genre that if someone runs up the stairs that means that the person will be killed. She’s always runs up the stairs in every movie and still manages to defeat the killer and make it to the next installment. This project idea isn’t influenced by anyone or anything I’ve seen before. This is an original idea.

2 thoughts on “Sidney Prescott vs. Ghostface Killer

  1. Hey I think this could be a really interesting final project. You should do some research as well on the genre and see what else is out there. This will likely inform your process and selections.

    One thing that comes to mind are supercuts. I bet there are some for this genre and particular resonating actions in horror films. As well there has to be people that have written about the history of these troupes and their relationship to culture. I’d encourage you to look for those as well.

  2. In order to do your description correctly you will need to think about the story that you are trying to tell. It’s good that you know the techniques or tools that you want to use but how will you deliver it to your audience?

    In describing the scope of the project, be as specific as possible. ie, tell yourself exactly how this will look in the end from start to finish. how long will each clip, gif, scene be? how long will the entire story be? Give as many details as possible.

    Who is your your audience? be as specific as possible? are they kids? are they adults, if so what age group, what are these people’s interest? why do you think they will be intrigued by your work?

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