Final Project

In four or more sentences describe what you’re making and what you’ve done so far. Include a link to a researched influence and explain how it affected your proposal. Be sure to embed a piece of media that has been part of the process.

I will be making an online store for custom made tango shoes for men and women. This  will satisfy the Argentine Tango community in the USA mainly. The final user will be able to buy directly from the website and s/he will be able to customize their shoes by selecting attributes as colors and materials, size, sole, etc.

The platform I want to use for this customization and shopping experience is Wordpress with a responsive theme. This will allow the final user to be able to use their phones and mobile devices expanding the visualization of the products. The products will be categorized by gender, styles, models, collections, etc. The website’s url would be: which I already bought.

This is an example of what I am intending to create:!/~/product/category=5750045&id=24471572



This will give the option to the client to customize their shoes. I will be having all the materials samples and images in the FAQs page so the person will have a lot of help when choosing them. The client will also have the option of choosing their size from a drop down menu or uploading the measurement of their feet. There will be a table with all size conversion.