The Heart Of The Trees

It snowed for the past three days; roads were filled with sleet, slush and ice. Public transportation was temporarily down and many people were snowed in. The surfaces of the streets were filled with snow some parts appeared nearly frozen. As soon as I left my house, I looked up at the trees and I saw an opportunity for an amazing photo-shoot. I later left to explore the neighbor park, and perhaps capture some illegal shots.

The Heart of The Trees

The Heart of The Trees

The snow sits gently on the trees. The snow silhouettes the organic mold of the upper branches, as if one could reach into the picture and feel the bark of the tree. The bridge shows the depth of the train tracks, hinting that locomotion must continue, despite the unplowed snow an inch away.



Winter's Eve

Winter’s Eve

The blue sky and the cirrus clouds highlight the delicate snow. Examine deeper into the frame at one can suppose could be a heart, made from the age of the trees.


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